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  • Training Institute of the Year 2016

    Training institutes in general terms are to provide skills, which are required in any given profession or vocations. As time has witnessed plethora of verticals booming up as career opportunities and so does the competition has turned the rock of proficiency manifold. However, this is just one side of a coin, another side reflects the lighting fast development in technology, which demands a rather fast, skilled and readily employable human resources. Hence, a proficient employee is the greatest demand of employers of this millennium. The Indian market of training institutes offers varied verticals on training mainly for IT, Education, Science along with more options leading to other career choices. Seeking such pursuits are the youths in millions to grab better job offers every...

Training Institute of the Year 2016

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ChipEdge ChipEdge Venkant Sunkara, CEO ChipEdge partnered with GUE to offer Certification courses to Working professionals, to Build or Enhance their Skills.
DOOR Training And Consulting DOOR Training And Consulting Yogesh Sood, Managing Director On January 31, 2006, Adidas-Salomon AG acquired Reebok International and the transaction marked a new chapter in the history of the Adidas Group.
Edzyme Academy Edzyme Academy Dr.Ashwini Bochar, CEO Couple of years ago, Dalwani was looking to upgrade his skills in the emerging areas of data science.
Institute Of Product Leadership Institute Of Product Leadership Pinkesh Shah, Co-Founder&Director of Programs The Indian technology landscape has evolved from services to creating innovative and global products.
Jetking Jetking Siddarth Bharwani, Vice President Now, radios and gramophones are a source of nostalgia for all of us, but there was a time when these were too close to our lives.
KnowledgeHut KnowledgeHut Madarapu Nagaraju, Co-Founder & MD With the explosion of new terms such as BigData, Cloud Computing and Hadoop, another interesting term " Agile "has made a mark on the market recently.
Kyrion Digital Securities Kyrion Digital Securities Rishabh Mehta, Founder If not in real life, at least in movies all of us have seen hackers.
SEED Infotech SEED Infotech Narendra Barhate, MD & CEO As technology develops at an unprecedented rate so does the needs of the industry such as human resources trained with the expertise of latest technology and thus the best of readily employable resources.
Seven Boats Seven Boats Debajyoti Banerjee, Founder&CEO A good online marketing strategy is essential for any business to retain its successful image.
SpringPeople SpringPeople Peeush Bajpai, CBO "I want to put a ding in the universe" - Steve Jobs.
The Painted Sky The Painted Sky Soni Bhattacharya, Founder In this era of cut-throat competition, innovation is the new black - everyone wants to know about it and everyone wants to talk about it.
Vector Institute Vector Institute Viswanatha Raju Dandu , Director In 2006, when Vishwanath Raju, Director of Vector Institute stepped into Sathyam Computers corporate office to convince the HR Head for recruiting his students, apart from a confident mind he had nothing to show.
Verity Software Verity Software Vipul Kocher, Principal Trainer and Co-Founder Bug-free software is a myth in programming circles and software testing is arguably the most crucial aspect of the pre-product launch preparations.