Kyrion Digital Securities: An Ethical Way of Creating Cyber Secured India

Rishabh Mehta,FounderIf not in real life, at least in movies all of us have seen hackers. On silver screen, they act like wizards with a laptop wearing a ski mask and hoodie, muttering something about node or encryption, and slapping on the keyboard to acquire godlike powers over the internet. Recently, one such hacker from India exploited loopholes in the E-commerce firms payment system and shopped for six months with hundred percent discount on all orders. This could have been a massive cyber robbery, if the company had not hired another hacker, this time and an ethical one, who identified the technical glitches and helped the e-commerce company save the day. While, these kind of financial frauds, identity thefts and other cyber crimes are spoiling the reputation of hackers, many technology enthusiasts have taken up the cudgels against such malicious attackers and are training youngsters in the art of ethical hacking.

One such individual is Rishabh Mehta, who co-founded Kyrion Digital Securities in 2009 with a vision to develop India as a cyber-secured country. Today, a leading player in India to provide Ethical Hacking & IT Security Training to all possible audience, Kyrion has an outreach to over eighty thousand students. "There are no industries, which are immune to the large scale penetration of internet and the digital opportunities it represents. Hence, digital security is the need of the hour and here we are fostering a
generation who are ready to meet the challenges of the IT security industry," says Rishabh. With information security increasingly becoming a boardroom level concern, training and certification are becoming increasingly important for candidates and companies. According to NASSCOM, India needs at least one million skilled professionals in this sector by 2020.

Kyrion has a wide and vibrant profile, which caters to a range of professional courses that are customized to suit the aspirations of different graduate streams as well as corporate executives

Kyrion has a wide and vibrant profile, which caters to a range of professional courses that are customized to suit the aspirations of different graduate streams as well as corporate executives. "We have set the benchmark in the industry by being the premier entity that introduced the concept of IT with Security Plugins in India and since then, the Indian IT sector has soared higher. At Kyrion, we are building a sustainable culture of trained security professionals that would help the industries reduce their dependency on foreign experts and solutions," claims Sujata Mehta, CEO, Kyrion Digital Securities. Kyrion's home-grown concept of IT with Security Plugins has proved to be an exemplary solution. The institute now aims to create a better workforce, which could support and shape the evolving sector of IT security. In this way, Kyrion helps the IT sector by providing efficient and cost-effective manpower for their businesses.

"To develop skilled professionals, we prefer practical training with real experimentation and our Campus 2
Corporate program aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired from university and the ability to tackle the day-to-day problems faced by the industry," explains Rishabh. However, Rishabh opines that there is always a scarcity of trained and motivated faculty members in this sector, because of which students are unable to meet the industry requirements. Therefore, Rishabh and his team not only ensure that the trainers employed by Kyrion remain updated with the latest trends of this volatile information security market, but offers an exclusive and customized Faculty Development Program to equip teachers with skills and knowledge, which is essential for inculcating IT Security values in guiding students and monitoring their progress towards IT Security career. "Almost 20-25 faculty members of various streams are trained for a period of 2-3 days under our faculty development program," adds Sujata Mehta.

Though, there are many organizations in the country providing training in ethical hacking and IT security, what makes Kyrion different from the horde is their ability to sustain in this dynamic technology sector, which is supported by a clear and strong business model that focuses on improvisation to cope up with the trends and needs of a volatile market. For developing global talent, Kyrion has also joined hands with a host of companies representing the technology, academic and business in Government and Non Government sectors across the world. With an extensive network of Indian Defense (Navy and Air Force), 1000 engineering colleges, 102 schools and 62 corporate, government and defense organizations. In this short span of time, Kyrion is undeniably one of the fastest growing and globally recognized IT Securities firm for conducting workshops and corporate training in India and world-wide.