Verity Software: A Bug-Free Solution for Software Testers

Vipul Kocher,Principal Trainer and Co-Founder

Vipul Kocher

Principal Trainer and Co-Founder

Bug-free software is a myth in programming circles and software testing is arguably the most crucial aspect of the pre-product launch preparations. The worldwide software testing outsourcing market is expected to grow from $30 Billion in 2010 to $50 Billion in 2020, India is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of this growth, according to a NASSCOM report. To explore this space, there had been a massive growth in number of training institutes, who opened their shops all over the country with promises of developing an army of specialized software testers. When many reputed and emerging institutes had to eventually shut down their software testing training wing due to lack of quality and demand, Verity Software is one among the few organizations, that has survived to achieve a growth that majority in this sector could not touch. Since its inception in 2012, Verity has trained more than 1,50,000 professionals in software testing. While they train over 700 professionals a month, Vipul Kocher, Principal Trainer and Co-Founder, Verity Software says, "It is the quality of our trainings and our post training support that make us different from other players. Here, we have empanelled a good number of faculties with 10 - 15 years of experience, who can bring their experience to the training table."Award winning industry practitioners as trainers,Verity
possesses over 100 person years of consulting experience in software testing.

Verity has developed well-structured curriculum for professionals as well as fresh graduates

However, Kocher, Ex-Adobe and an IIT alumnus with over 20 years in software testing industry knows that teaching theoretical concepts in the classroom alone cannot make professionals to take up further challenges in software testing. "Companies approach us with different demands. Some may be lacking in the practical knowledge of software testing while possessing the theoretical base or vice versa. We understand their requirements and has created training modules with comprehensive list of learning outcomes," explains Kocher. Being one among the very few organizations that has been accredited by International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) to provide advanced programs in software testing, Verity has developed well-structured curriculum for professionals as well as fresh graduates. Be it open source, such as Selenium, JMeter, Robotium, Cucumber or proprietary, like .NET, Verity's courses are carefully chosen to complements testers with all cutting edge technology. To enhance effectiveness of the programs further, the institute uses Bloom's Taxonomy, a hierarchical model used to classify educational learning objectives into levels of complexity and specificity.

"We give lot of importance to experiential learning. Most of our training programs include 70 - 80 hours of hands-on training. If it is 2-3 days workshop, then 60 percent of the time would be utilized for doing
things and discussing about how they did that and how can they do it better," claims Kocher. At present, Verity offers certifications across the spectrum of Software Testing courses from globally recognized accredited partners like ISTQB, ITB, SALT and Experimentus that help organizations to achieve their business goals. The certifications include ISTQB Advance Course, AT - Certified Agile Tester, ISTQB Agile Tester Extension, CMAP Foundation Level (FL), CMAP Automation Testing, Mobile Security and Mobile Performance. However, Verity's services are not limited to corporate trainings and public workshops on software testing.

"Many of our clients call us when they hire fresh batch of graduates for conducting 10 -30 days of Boot-camps. We also conduct programs for fresh graduates at college campuses or in our own campuses with the help of SALT, School of Applied Learning in Testing," says Kocher, who is the Chief Soul Officer of SALT. At SALT, Kocher and his team continuously identify, acquire, develop and improve best practices in testing from organizations around the world. The company's R&D is also focused on advancement of thinking in software testing. Talking about the roadmap ahead, Kocher says, "There are a lot of exciting technologies that are becoming relevant to people today. Hence, we always wanted make sure that we are ahead of this curve. We would be providing in-depth training for all the latest technologies like IoT, Cloud, mobile, Big Data and so on."While conventional training programs impart conventional testing techniques, institutes that provide intense and advanced trainings in software testing are the need of the hour. In just four years since inception, Verity Software proves to be one among them.