DOOR Training and Consulting: Bringing the Western Expertise to Eastern Soil

Yogesh Sood,Managing Director

Yogesh Sood

Managing Director

On January 31, 2006, Adidas-Salomon AG acquired Reebok International and the transaction marked a new chapter in the history of the Adidas Group. By combining two of the most respected and well-known brands in the sporting goods industry world wide, the new Group was set to benefit from a more competitive worldwide platform, well-defined and complementary brand identities, a wider range of products and a stronger presence across teams, athletes, events and leagues. How ever, in a large number of stores within their emerging market territory, Adidas discovered that there was no passion for the customer to buy their products, because poorly trained employees were influencing customer's decision negatively. By identifying and understanding their flaws, Adidas was able to find a suitable partner - DOOR Training and Consulting, a company that provides training, coaching, consulting, e-learning and assessments in over 90 countries around the world.

By empowering employees with the necessary skills to raise sales and instilling them with a bond to Adidas, Door laid the foundation for Adidas and helped them achieve their desired goals and vision. Founded over 30 years ago, in 1981, in the Netherlands, DOOR has proved to be among the top most sales solution provider by top organizations in the
industry. Having a history of over 35 years, Door had been under a number of ownership and was introduced in India when General Motors owned it in the early 1990s. While, Door delivers projects in over 90 countries around the world and affiliated offices in 55 countries, they take care of minute details to the largest elements involved in the sales approach of an organization. Yogesh Sood, Managing Director, Door Training and Consulting India takes pride saying, "We have implemented comprehensive, proven methods that bring results to challenges an organization's face."

The DOOR network has nearly 1000 trainers, consultants and coaches, of whom over half have been associated with the company for more than 10 years

Sood elaborates that these solutions focus in every area including accountability, critical thinking, which glorifies their vision that states - "We will be the most preferred and comprehensive provider of personal, professional and organizational effectiveness solutions." Door offers solutions and services for various industry verticals including telecom, FMCG, banking and trains over 500-600 professionals in a month only in sales solution.Programs for sales distributors talks about managing channels and include pre-assessment, post-assessment and on-field coaching if required. "For different programs there exist different target groups including key account management wherein high value selling occurs from business to business and the concerned person or consultant is responsible for limited but high value clients.
Hence,various programs deal with different approach in dealing with the needs," explains Sood.

The organization's program content undergoes a global research under the scrutiny of world-class organizations and leaders and is structured in terms of approach, value and benefit for the client."Our programs have customer centric selling skills, which is a globally validated program. It has all the components required to be in the selling process and make it a successful process by a brilliant sales person who acquires it,"claims Sood. The DOOR network has nearly 1000 trainers, consultants and coaches, of whom over half have been associated with the company for more than 10 years. Their experience spans many business sectors and is applied to the design and development of our training solutions. Consequently, of this experience, Door's customers benefit through improved business results. "Acquiring such qualifications and expertise does not suffice to be a Door trainer. They have to undergo a distinct scrutiny of their passion for training," says Sood Of the different verticals apart from sales solution, Door offers executive coaching, learning & development, leadership & development and psychometric assessment, managing talent, outsourcing development and provides over 10000-20000 staffs under their staffing solutions. As their yearly turn over crosses Rs. 95-100 crore, Door training and consulting wants to be ear marked as nationally and internationally benchmark solutions for clients."Our goal is to take the solutions to organization of any size in every nook and corner in the country; we already have a reputation for product superiority, process superiority but growth and expansion is what we strive for accompanied by quality," concludes Sood.