SpringPeople: Creating Experts

Peeush Bajpai,CBO"I want to put a ding in the universe" - Steve Jobs. All of us want to put a ding in the universe at some point of time in our lives. But, most of us succumb to the corporate dream as we grow up. However, these two enthusiasts, Ravi Kaklasaria and Peeush Bajpai, did not let their passion die under any pressure and founded their dream company SpringPeople to create a ding in the corporate training universe.

Ravi and Peeush, both from IIT and driven by a common vision, quit their fat paycheck jobs and founded this training firm in 2009.

However, no one achieves success in one day and SpringPeople was no exception. Ravi and Peeush endured highs and lows, followed the mantra to never give up and they nurtured their brainchild with utmost care to create an organization that has become the industry leader. SpringPeople has now become a brand analogous to high quality professional learning.

When we approached the founders, they were more than happy to share their stories. "We started with no money, small crew but a great vision to create experts by delivering high quality training and unparalleled rich learning experience", explained Ravi while Peeush added, "Initially, lack of quality trainers who could deliver interactive sessions to the professorial community was one of the major challenges".

Since 2009, SpringPeople has grown a lot. From a small firm with a tiny crew, it has emerged as a global premier eLearning market place for Online Live, Instructor Led Classes. The company that started as a master certified partner of Spring Source (now Pivotal), delivering classroom sessions, has now
evolved as the global leader in Live Virtual Classes (LVC), conducting approximately 300+ classes every quarter on more than 50 technologies. Additionally the company is handpicked by global technology leaders- EMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal, Elastic, Lightbend, MuleSoft, Horton works etc., as their master training delivery partner to deliver their certified courses.

Bridging the Gap

It is no secret that we live in a technologically advanced world today. Each day brings out some innovations and thus generating new tech skills to be acquired. These fast-paced innovations in the tech arena has left huge gap between the demand and the supply. And, the gap only increases if we talk about specialized experts. To fill the gap, professionals need to learn continuously the skills that the market needs. And to do so,they are moving away from traditional classroom training and leaning towards Live Online Instructor Led Classes for well established advantages - reduced Total Cost Of Learning (TCL), convenience, effectiveness, flexibility and so on.

SpringPeople, being the first LVC market place, is aggressively bridging the skills gap by connecting professionals with the subject matter experts who can then develop these professionals into experts through Online Live Sessions. Usually these sessions are offered as on-request or public classes scheduled during morning, evening, weekends or during regular working hours to provide flexibility and accommodate all kinds of professionals.

Adding Value to Training

Spring People is very particular about the teaching methodology used to the point of being fussy, and ensures that the courses are hands-on with well-equipped labs and live simulations to help participants experience a real-time project environment. All the sessions are made interactive and trainees get the flexibility of brainstorming subject related queries with the instructors, so as to gain the optimum expertise. "All our training curriculum is designed and
developed to give you a superlative learning experience with an in-depth trip of the technology to make you an expert" says Peeush.

In order to curve its mark, the organization continuously exceeds customer expectations by continuous focus on quality, exceptionally high demand-to-delivery ratio, customer satisfaction and customer-focused environment that is open to feedback (including complaints), resolving any complaints received, and enhancing their products and customer service.

An Abode in It self

Starting out seven years ago, SpringPeople, now, has anchored its base in Bengaluru, Gurgaon (NCR) and UK. The firm boasts of a super team, mostly consisting of IIT/IIM alumni and the rest coming from some of the premium institutes of the country. With a rich team of varied experience, SpringPeople is a happy abode for all. The firm values each of its employees as it treasures every client.

As the company houses a satisfied crew, it also possesses the asset to have a happy clientele. With an average rating of 9 out of 10, SpringPeople never lets its customers go unsatisfied.

Be The Expert is the mantra, which it follows for itself and of course for its customers.

Future Goals

SpringPeople commits to set a benchmark in the Online Training Industry by transforming the way training is procured, consumed and measured. The company aims to be the preferred training vendor for every individual and corporate for all their learning requirements. It is on its way to become a marketplace that would network learners and experts to reduce Total Cost of Learning (TCL) and maximize Return on Investment (ROI). As it comes from the horses mouth, Ravi says:Our ultimate goal is to be the best marketplace for online live training. So, no matter if you are a novice or professional, you would want to come us to become an expert.