KnowledgeHut: Modern Day's Management Dronacharya

Madarapu Nagaraju,Co-Founder & MD

Madarapu Nagaraju

Co-Founder & MD

With the explosion of new terms such as BigData, Cloud Computing and Hadoop, another interesting term " Agile "has made a mark on the market recently. Agile offers significant advantages over traditional forms of project management system for small businesses.

Madarapu Nagaraju, Co-founder and Managing Director, KnowledgeHut explains the use of Agile as a boon for small businesses to prosper in a short span of time. Quite often, what is taught in our educational institutions does not translate well into a career. To stand apart from the rest, professionals need some extra-targeted training that will prepare them well for the job scene.Training institutes have stepped in to address this skill-gap, making life easier for corporate offices and multinationals, and KnowledgeHut is one of the prominent players in the training market.

As unique skills will help students to have an edge over their peers and make them an asset for the organization that they are working for, there is always a tremendous amount of pressure on an individual to be skilled. Recruiters will always look for a differentiator in a group of fresher candidates and the most skilled applicants will make the mark. KnowledgeHut promises ready employability by offering the most in-demand industry skills.

KnowledgeHut's niche specialty is Agile, and its Agile consultancy leverages proven experience in the field to offer advisory services that
can turn around businesses and help them to implement a successful Agile management model. The methods used in the model have consistently achieved success where many traditional projects have failed. "With market requirements constantly in a state of flux and new advancements happening every day, project scope and requirements also keep changing. These Agile projects can handle these rapid changes very well as the work is carried out in short iterations and constantly connects the developer and end user at every point," says Nagaraju.

KnowledgeHut has trained over 50,000 individuals in just over four years in over 200 locations globally spread across 70 countries

Small businesses that have adopted Agile are consistent in delivering superior value to customers, using minimal human and material resources. As a result they can overcome the struggles usually faced by a new business. As more employers look into hiring candidates who are proficient at Agile development, certification courses like CSM, CSPO, Leading SAFe 4.0, PMI-ACP and SAFe ScrumXP have many takers and Knowledge Hut's expert trainers offer the best of the required knowledge and skills.

The range of certification and non-certification courses that KnowledgeHut provides cater to the diverse requirements of the industry and include Project Management, Agile Management, Digital Marketing, IT, IT Security, Big Data and Quality Management. Some of their most popular courses are CSM, PMP, CBAP, Six Sigma, Big Data and Hadoop, PMI-RMP and a wide range of IT courses.

Since its inception in 2011, KnowledgeHut has taken pride in being a leading corporate training
and consulting service provider, delivering high value in innovative, practical approaches to learning. Madarapu Nagaraju, Co-founder and Managing Director of KnowledgeHut shares his journey so far and says, "There is a size able gap between what is learnt at college, and what is expected on the job front." He feels that to address this, and in order to stay ahead of the competition, professionals need to have specialized targeted training that is work-ready and hands-on. "Hence, we founded KnowledgeHut in 2011 with a handful of training courses in key areas such as Project Management, IT and Agile."

Having trained over 50,000 individuals in just over four years in over 200 locations globally spread across 70 countries, he credits the success of the institute to their team of trainers, who are their backbone and strength. Nagaraju praises their commitment to the profession and passion for teaching. Each of the trainers is personally handpicked and chosen for his or her expertise and dedication. They have undergone the necessary certifications themselves in addition to being well qualified and hold subject matter expertise to offer personalized guidance to students.

Keeping pace with exciting advancements in the world of education, where virtual learning is the new education mantra, the institute plans to expand its global reach and partner with leading education providers in various countries to offer locally relevant content. As employees need to be updated with global best practices in their profession in order to be efficient and work together well as a team, this can be achieved only through mass training programs.

In the long term, KnowledgeHut plans to set up an online Knowledge Forum where knowledge and educational services can be shared and people can interact with each other across geographies. As Nagaraju says, "True knowledge should know no boundaries ' together, we can power a better world!"