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  • 10 Most Promising Leadership Training Providers - 2019

    Warren G. Bennis who is widely recognized as a pioneer of the contemporary field of leadership studies once echoed, "Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult". Time and again, leaders have stood at the helm of many organizations, undertaking dynamic and multifaceted roles and thus, enhancing performance and productivity beyond the preset benchmarks. Wearing multiple hats, they ensure to act wise at critical times and direct their team accordingly, prepare future leaders, and also fulfill the organization's goals. Altogether, leaders travel beyond the frontiers of mere supervision of teams to drive the business with passion, innovation and agility, besides standing as a source of inspiration to its...

10 Most Promising Leadership Training Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bumblebee Leadership Academy Bumblebee Leadership Academy Gopalan Narasimhan, Magesh Moorthi, Bharath G, & Ashwin Yadav, Directors An organization dedicated to empower leader’s true potential by offering unique training programs and modules
Chase Consultancy Services Chase Consultancy Services Sushil Agarkar, Founder An expert who not just provides leadership training programs but ensures that the result is very much visible on the ground with better results
Defined Values Consultants Defined Values Consultants Hitesh Chandel, Managing Director Preparing spiritually evolved leaders though self-actualized leadership development program that enables them to identify and utilize both human & material resources to create a sustainable organizational ecosystem
Innovators And Leaders Innovators And Leaders Colonel Alok Asthana, Founder & Director The company builds customized course modules based on a deep need analysis on leadership, creativity & innovation, TRIZ & organizational development
Leadership Matters Leadership Matters Anand Pillai, Managing Director Engaging time-tested models/frameworks to develop a complete outcome-based pedagogy by integrating leading indicators, designed by experienced veterans to fuel the business growth
LMI LMI Ashok Thussu, Executive Director Delivering measurable results via transformational programs & extensive tools for the leaders to drive a strategic organization development
Mitesh Khatri Mitesh Khatri Mitesh Khatri, Founder A result-oriented Leadership Training intervention, which prepares teams in such a way that they are accountable and super productive
Shenomics Shenomics Bhavna Toor, Founder & CEO A mindful leadership training platform empowering women uncover their true professional & personal self with mindful tools in building a diverse & robust leadership pipeline
Training InCorporate Training InCorporate Navaz Hilloowala, Founder & Course Director, Jehan Hilloowala, Director Offering customized leadership training modules based on thorough need analysis, continuous follow-ups and role plays