Shenomics: Empowering Women To Live Purposefully & Lead Mindfully

Bhavna Toor,Founder & CEO

Bhavna Toor

Founder & CEO

In a scenario where India is trying to pitch-in gender diversity in its corporate space, it’s high time for the women leaders today to prove women are no risk-averse but are risk-takers too. Shenomics is profiling such budding women entrepreneurs to live purposefully and lead mindfully to close the gender gap in the current entrepreneurial eco-system. Women who aspire to debut in this pursuit, its leadership platform, preps them to poise at their highest professional-self in a corporate setup. This powerful inside-out approach will help the future leaders to build skills, tools & techniques to self-coach themselves & rule out any limitations, projecting confidence and influence. The acquired self awareness will also help her to channel-out fun and energizing ways to manage multiple roles they play in their everyday life and career.

Bhavna Toor (Founder & CEO, Shenomics), former Miss India NY, bears the testimony of a transforming journey from glamour-world to high finance, then in hosting social campaigns to spark influential glitz among the leading minds. She learned that way to happiness is to lead a self-approved life and thought to inspire, educate and empower other women to realize their self-potential, pioneering at respective social spaces. Drawing in-depth research, listing interviews and compiling 50+ years of entrepreneurial journeys of influential women at work, she incepted Shenomics in 2015 with a promise to provide proprietary leadership programs for women. Since inception she, a TEDx speaker, has delivered several talks on women empowerment & leadership, &
conducted multiple leadership-training workshops at leading companies like Societe Generale, Google, Wells Fargo, LinkedIn & Target.

The signature program offered under Shenomics is ‘Women Leading From Within’ as one-on-one or group curriculum through workshops or online courses. It is a five-module program covering all aspects of holistic leadership development – Meaning, Mindset, Mentorship, Mastery and Momentum. Elaborating the above concepts, ‘Meaning and Mindset’ builds inner-confidence, ‘Mentorship’ in maintaining strong & effective relationship, ‘Mastery’ for critical communication & negotiation skills, and lastly ‘Momentum’ to balance happy, productive & sustainable corporate eco-system.

The focus of Shenomics is to offer easy yet powerful & multidisciplinary practical tools, proven to harness inner work skills to build a diverse and robust leadership pipeline

Mindful Tooling
The focus of Shenomics is to offer easy yet powerful & multidisciplinary practical tools, proven to harness inner work skills to build a diverse and robust leadership pipeline. The training programs are delivered using combination of tried and tested learning methods to maximize the participant’s performance. Coaching, be it in an individual platform, peer-to-peer or in group, the trainers provide an end-to end support in helping the participants to achieve their goals. It has also included practical learning tools like case-study to better internalize the concepts, while it’s Mindfulness-based Tools such as meditation and journaling helps to generate an enduring self-awareness.

Bhavna avers, “We are also adapting innovative learning techniques such as Expressive Arts & Drama Therapy, while leveraging right-brain thinking in addition to left-brain thinking for an optimal learning environment”. Alongside, the trainings are well spaced by stretch assignments to ingrate the learned leadership interventions in actual work scenario. This will help to generate constructive insights and feedback helping the future leaders to leap out of their comfort zones, achieving greater levels of confidence and responsibility.

Bhavna concludes, “We have been growing at a rate of more than 50 percent year-on-year for the last three years. We are expecting similar growth chart in coming five years, as more and more organizations commit to support the female talent-pool, and invest in our foundation programs to lead boldly yet authentically”.