Bumblebee Leadership Academy: Helping Leaders Discover Their True Potential

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where operational methodologies and technologies are changing and developing every day, the need for employee training is becoming more crucial for organizations in order to achieve their business goals. There is no doubt that enhancing the growth of the organization starts with improving the capabilities of the people in it. Nowadays, there is an imminent need to hone the skills of the employees as they will escalate the long-term benefits for the company. Addressing and catering to this emerging need of businesses while offering the best standard of leadership training programs to individuals is Bumblebee Leadership Academy, a Bangalore-based leadership training provider.

A Truly Dedicated Academy
Founded in 2017, Bumblebee is an institution dedicated to helping individuals and organizations discover their true potential and maximize achievement through a bouquet of customizable learning, coaching, technology, and consulting solutions. The firm’s vision is to build a community of lifelong learners with a shared purpose of accomplishing more, and celebrating life by supporting each other and the community. Moreover, in order to accomplish it, Bumblebee strives hard to spread core human values through modern methods and technology. “Bumblebee is not just a name; our philosophy is also based on it. Just like bumblebees defy the principles of aerodynamics and fly as they are unaware of their limitations, believe in yourself and you can explore infinite possibilities,” states Gopalan Narasimhan, Director, Bumblebee Leadership Academy.

Where most of the coaching & training academies focus only on the delivery of their services, what segregates Bumblebee from the crowd is its uniquely defined programs. The firm’s expertise in leadership, business strategies & development, technology & business domain enables it to offer best-in-class learning experiences to its clients. Besides, Bumblebee’s integrated client-centric model, outcome-based engagement model, tailored programs to suit specific customer needs and proprietary framework
based on research are its flagship products that inspire and influence clients with integrity and innovation, to explore infinite possibilities and accomplish more in their personal as well as in professional life.

Gopalan Narasimhan, Magesh Moorthi, Bharath G, & Ashwin Yadav,Directors

Unique Framework
Bumblebee’s proprietary framework consists of five unique modules, that are – LeadNXT, TeamNXT, PresentNXT, iNXT, and iLAB. LeadNXT concentrates on driving the next generation of leadership, while TeamNXT is an outbound workshop for fostering collaboration and teamwork. PresentNXT, on the other hand, is a program for professionals and leaders to design, develop and deliver impactful business presentations. iNXT is focused on executive and professional coaching, while iLAB helps an individual to achieve their personal mastery.

Just like bumblebees defy the principles of aerodynamics and fly as they are unaware of their limitations, believe in yourself and you can explore infinite possibilities

Apart from the unique learning methods, the firm also adheres and offers innovative training methodologies such as online micro learning modules for role-specific themes, industry connect for professional branding & networking, e-Communities, Thought Leaders Circle, Pygmalion club, Smart Presenters Circle, ALPs, Heat Experience and more. Besides, leveraging the best of technology, Bumblebee is developing an IT platform for aligning business talent strategy with personalization for leadership development. The firm is also coming up with an online social platform for networking and professional development.

Backed by four highly experienced leaders as well as full-time Directors – Gopalan, Magesh Moorthi, Bharath G, and Ashwin Yadav, Bumblebee is surging ahead in the leadership training space of India. The firm has attained strong customer loyalty leading to repeat business and long term growth. With all these, Bumblebee is witnessing exponential growth in revenue every year and in the coming future, it expects non-linear growth through its software platforms.