Defined Values Consultants: Empowering Leaders By Implanting The Values Of Self-Actualization

Hitesh Chandel,Managing Director

Hitesh Chandel

Managing Director

Chaotic endeavours may capsize the organizational growth due to several reasons. The fact that India today encounters 323 startup failures every year confirms the shortcomings of the organizational leaders in adapting effective manoeuvres to face the new age corporate challenges. Thus, India is busy in deploying leadership solutions to expedite positive routes to map a secured startup valley for the future. While most leadership programs are heavy on organizational management courses, Defined Values Consultants offers actual leadership equipment to prepare conscious leaders with the philosophy of achieving self-actualization through transcendental enlightenment. “A spiritually evolved leader can not only recover a disorganized system from existing mayhem, but will also act as a supplementary governance system to empower future leaders of the country,” remarks Hitesh Chandel, Managing Director & Chief Mentor, Defined Values Consultants.

At first, Hitesh was a usual IT professional and had no idea of transcendental awareness, but his life transformed within a week of seriously trying the practice and made him extremely curious, which led him to research for its roots. Hitesh found that in ancient scriptures like Vedas, Bhagwat Geeta and others, the elated gurus had heavily prophesied about the methodology to embark organizational skills in budding leaders. After investing 12 years to study & compiling these findings into a Self-Actualized Leadership Development Program (SALDP), Hitesh incepted Defined Values Consultants in 2013 to transform budding
leaders and veterans with adept leadership mindset. Hitesh states, “We are creating a state of influence, where elated leaders can terminate the era of darkness created due to lower consciousness, by effective utilization of both human & material resources”.

SALDP is a unique curriculum that extends the thought process of several big philosophers by converting them into visual & graphical models and deriving universal viewpoint for the leaders to take effective decisions. The universal principles encapsulated in SALDP workshops are delivered using the modern learning tools, including PPTs, active group discussions, home-assignments and follow-up mechanisms. The entire work is being done under the codename ‘Project Yug Parivartan’ (Project Grand Change), and various regular public events to assert its vision, mission, benefits & frameworks are being conducted across the country. The seekers who want to partake in the events can check upon the event listings & fill registration forms published on its website. Currently, it is functional at all the Indian metros, and is moving forward to global collaboration model to fix the root cause of every organizational failure across the world.

We are creating a state of influence, where elated leaders can terminate the era of darkness created due to lower consciousness by effective utilization of both human & material resources

Need of Mentors in Organizational Ecosystem – Training the Trainers
Hitesh, a mentor to many successful CEOs & author of ‘Code of Citizen Conduct’ book, says, “Solutions already exist; we just need to understand & apply them mindfully”. As per him, the ecosystem of workers, managers & leaders are not enough, and Indian leaders require upfront mentors to convert ‘illusions to vision’. The elated individuals like N. R. Narayana Murthy, Ramdev and others who have already achieved the state of self-revelation can be further elevated to become effective mentors to bridge the need-gap to maximize the leadership achievement. Thus, the company is creating global collaboration platforms like Self-Realized Mentorship Network (SRMN), Self-Actualized Leadership Network (SALN), Defined Values Business Network (DVBN) and Defined Values Trainers-Network (DVTN) for trainers, businessmen, leaders and even spiritual gurus to brainstorm ideas for economic prosperity by applying Universal Principles.

Furthermore, the company has plans to create knowledge hubs in radius of 250 km from Metros towards tier-II & III cities by converting experienced leaders into active mentors. Envisaging the termination of the Kalyug by 4th June2025, Defined Values Consultants aims to train six lac people through its self-actualization program by then.