Chase Consultancy Services: Creating The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Sushil Agarkar,FounderRepeat till it becomes a habit, a habit as silent and effortless as breathing. Though the objective of any training should be this, many of the course providers just intend to handover a certificate and finish their job. But not Chase Consultancy Services! This one and half year old firm specializes in building leaders in organization to help them scale up to new heights. With implementation being its strength, this one-of-its-kind company works on six pillars of any organization – Culture, Strategy, HR, Sales with grass root level implementation from planning to making them perform, and Marketing & Leadership.

“There is no one in the market that matches to our implementation plan. We do not just teach, we get it practiced till it becomes the culture of that organization with daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring for effective implementation. Our focus is not on teaching but on getting it executed, monitored and most important, post evaluation,” explains a proud Sushil Agarkar, Founder, Chase Consultancy Services. With a big ‘No’ to one single
capsule for all, the company studies the client’s requirements and people associated with them, formulate strategy and develop the unique, bespoke solution, which address and benefit every dynamics of the client’s organization.

This helps in developing a unique leadership style as well as enhancing the awareness of group dynamics, thus creating future leaders much ready to take on the bull by its horns. The company follows the same method to impart other training modules akin to Advanced Selling Skills, Sales Management Workshops, Motivational Speaker, Sales Training, and Personal Transformation.

We do not just teach, we get it practiced till it becomes the culture of that organization with daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring for effective implementation

The Men behind the Success Mantra
Chase Consultancy Services was founded in 2018 by Sushil, a master in identifying and solving problems faced by the SMEs and the complexities involved in scaling up their businesses. He is an expert in transforming under performing businesses through sales process improvements. Under this leadership, and experts like Ravi Padelkar and Priyanka Singh, this Mumbai-based training institute provides hand-on experience to trainers to deal with real-life leadership challenges through intense role plays. Headed by industry experts holding decades of industry experience, the trainers adopt a result-oriented approach with focus on equipping the professionals with actionable and smart strategies.

“Our core purpose is to enlighten and evolve businesses and their team by providing CHASE (Capabilities, Habits, Attitude, Strategies, and Ethics),” explains Sushil. Using such creative methodology and concepts, Chase is helping over 120 clients to learn the art of leadership, and realizing the benefits on ground.