• Chitrakoota Kaushalya School: Transcending Knowledge Through Skill
  • 10 Most Promising Schools in Bangalore - 2023

    Evolved Education System has Set a Bar of Excellence The store house of technology Bangalore also called the Silicon Valley of India is known for its well-known educational institutions too. This city is the house of many oldest renowned educational institution which are still maintaining their pride withstanding the test of time. The concept of education has tremendously changed in these years. As school is the foundation of learning, recently parents are not just concerned about the academics but also, they are concerned about extra curricular activities, the etiquettes and disciplines their children are receiving. The first learning of life is unforgettable for anyone and it has far-reaching effect, so this will reflect on the child’s future. School has the power to teach...

10 Most Promising Schools in Bangalore - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BS International School BS International School Dr. Hyder Vali, Chairman Committed to build future generations with a strong foundation on value-based education, character building, discipline, and life skills
Chitrakoota Kaushalya School Chitrakoota Kaushalya School Chaitanya Chitrakoota, Chairman An educational institution, where strong emphasis is laid on bridging the gap between the students gaining knowledge and putting that knowledge into practice
Edify School Edify School Ashoka raj, Founder A school with a vision to foster a society of individuals capable of progressive thinking, creating and initiating positive change to leverage a strong impact in the global community
Ekya Schools Ekya Schools Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder Teach children not just what to learn, but how to learn, in order to create lifelong learners
Harvest International School Harvest International School Dr. Ramprasad Gaddipati, Founder & Chairman The school has integrated curriculum and incorporates best practices of Indian and international boards, ensuring holistic development of students
National Centre For Excellence National Centre For Excellence Sunalini Benjamin, COO The institute aims to foster learning opportunities for its students by striking a balance between extracurricular and academics to ensure holistic development
Orchids The International School Orchids The International School Amitha Shireesh, Director With an upgraded curriculum of global standards, and world-class infrastructure, educates young minds with quality education
Samsidh Group Of Schools Samsidh Group Of Schools Indu Sannoo, CEO Provides equal opportunity to each and every learner to reach his/her fullest potential to develop reading and speaking skills
Sunder Education Society (SESHPS) Sunder Education Society (SESHPS) Ashwin Dasa, President A school with an academic curriculum that encourages students to be thoughtful and scientific in their approach, while it also enables them to be concerned about the intangible aspects of life
The Green School The Green School Usha Iyer, Managing Director Offers friendly, safe and secure environment for a child's first steps in learning, which intends to create green leaders of tomorrow, a zero-waste, carbon and energy school