BS International School: Nurturing the Future of India with Holistic Learning Approach

 Dr. Hyder Vali,   ChairmanIn India, education is often considered a road to a successful career. However, the need of the hour is to impart value-based education that focuses on the overall development of a child. India’s education sector has long been criticized for focusing on rote learning and career-oriented education rather than holistic education. BS International School is one school that is challenging the status quo and aiming to transform the way education is imparted. Since its inception in 2013 BS International School’s mission is to provide holistic education that includes character-building, discipline, and life skills development. And it has to start at the earliest.

“Early childhood education is often the most neglected sector of education in India, and BS International School is bringing a change by introducing value based education”, says Dr.Hyder Vali, Chairman of BS International School. Dr.Vali took inspiration from Malaysian Schools, where he found that the schools have adopted the Montessori methodology and successfully integrated holistic education within the school curricula. In 2013, Dr.Vali began his educational movement by focusing on early childhood education. In 2018, he started BS International School to build future generations with a strong foundation on value-based education, character building, discipline, and life skills.

Vision & Mission
BS International School’s vision and mission are clear: to provide value-based education that focuses on character building. “Without values the character cannot be built and we aim to bring transformation to the Indian education system. Our tagline is ‘Nurturing Leaders’, and we believe that every child has the potential to lead in every aspect of their life, not just politics”, says Dr. Vali.

The school is taking the current education system in India head-on and challenging the British-era system that promotes career oriented education and generated employees for the British empire instead of leaders who can bring a change. The schools in India are still following this education system, and BS
International School wants to bring a transformation by providing more than career based education. The goal is to nurture leaders, not followers. To achieve this, the core of the teaching methodology is based on the Urdu philosophy of Taleem O-Tarbiyat meaning education and grooming. Grooming is an essential aspect of a child’s development, and the school takes it seriously.

Early childhood education is often the most neglected sector of education in India, & BS International School is bringing a change by introducing value-based education

Faculty Expertise & Experience
It is not a one day job to bring change in the outlook, and it requires dedicated and committed teachers who understand the need for holistic education as well as believe in the process to achieve it. That’s why the school places a significant emphasis on hiring the best faculty who are aligned with the school’s mission and vision. During the interview process, the candidates are made aware of the aim of BS International School and its expectations from the faculty. There is a strong focus on teaching based on child psychology and inculcating age appropriate values, character building, and life skills. In this regard, the faculty is given training twice a month to enhance their teaching skills. The teaching methodologies at BS International School are unique, as they focus on character building, discipline, and life skills. It follows the CBSE syllabus and books but integrates values into its teachings. The faculty’s everyday exercise includes character building and grooming, which sets the school apart from other institutions. The school focuses on preparing students to become leaders and entrepreneurs, not just employees.

Beyond the Usual Infrastructure
The BS International School’s infrastructure is up to international standards and includes more than books. With the belief that education should go beyond textbooks, the school houses tools, sports, science labs, drone technology, and robotics. “We are putting a lot of effort from sixth standard to tenth standard when the child is going to learn drone technology because, in the upcoming year, the drone is going to play a major role. Our students can do research in the research facilities available within our school compounds”, says Dr. Vali.

BS International School is a pioneer in the field of holistic education, and its commitment to transforming the Indian education system is admirable. The schools approach focuses on character building, discipline, and life skills, which are essential for a child’s overall development. The school’s mission is to have 1000 preschools and 100 international schools across India that provide the same value-based education focusing on character-building and life skills. Dr. Vali believes that India has the potential to lead in every aspect of life, and it is up to the education system to groom and nurture its students to become leaders.