National Centre For Excellence: Nurturing Future Leaders through Amalgamation of Academics & Extracurricular Activities

 Sunalini Benjamin,   COOEducation is at the centre of building human capital and if delivered well can benefit both individuals and societies. While old school conceptual teaching remains the primary learning method activity based, student-centric, differentiated instruction method of learning is the newest form that focuses on creating leaders that are ready for life and can build a better tomorrow. National Centre for Excellence is a school that is based out of Bengaluru and is an ISO 9001;2015 certified institute. It was founded by Dr. N Vijay Kumar and forms an important part of Vijay Kiran Educational Trust. National Centre for Excellence envisions seeing its students as successful self-learners who use value, skills, and knowledge imparted to them for the betterment of society.

National Centre for Excellence pays equal emphasis on academic excellence and personality development according to the 21st century needs and encourages students to lead programs like Students’ council elections to facilitate preparation for life and the various challenges it throws at them. The institute also caters to differently abled kids and has a dedicated department for the same known as Special Education Needs Department (SEN), also known as Special Needs Division, which provides Speech
therapy and Occupational Therapy to the kids in need. The institute provides educational services that are child-centred, and value-driven and promote equality and self-development through active learning and play based strategies.

The institution has a state-of-the art infrastructure with facilities like a sports complex for badminton, basketball, and squash, an indoor swimming pool, and more, apart from spacious classrooms that are well-equipped with smart boards to promote digital learning. National Centre for Excellence is different from other competitors in the market because of its unique Learning and Development (L&D) team called Vijay Kiran Learning Centre. It comprises a team of experts from the industry who conduct Research and Development to assess the advancements in the field of education, revisit the National Curriculum Framework given by NCERT, and decide the changes that need to be implemented. “The institution has also implemented Early Childhood Care and Education up till Grade 2 and also provides free education to two hundred and fifty underprivileged kids to support Right to Education” adds Sunalini Benjamin, Chief Operating Officer, National Centre for Excellence.

The institute aims to foster learning opportunities for its students by striking a balance between extracurricular and academics to ensure holistic development. The students are introduced to a Career Guidance and Student Engagement Programmes for awareness of mental health, peer pressure, social media, and more. National Centre for Excellence also has Parental Engagement Programs, since parents are a part of in the process of students’ development. Apart from this, the institute also provides a DayCare facility and after school activities which range from cooking to robotics, Christmas carnival, Dandiya night, science exhibitions, and more, to ensure the amalgamation of a vast array of exposure. National Centre for Excellence takes immense pride in reviewing the educational systems and processes and conducts internal and external audits every ten months.

Future Roadmap
National Centre for Excellence not just conducts National examinations but is looking towards for the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) for assessing students on a global stage in Math, Science, and English. The institute aims to continue enhancing its standards both in academics and extra-curricular activities through a competent design thinking process and R&D and aims to become one of the best institutes in Bengaluru.