Chitrakoota Kaushalya School: Transcending Knowledge Through Skill

 Chaitanya Chitrakoota,   ChairmanThe goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn. It is the key towards the betterment of the society”, said Maria Montessori, the famous Italian physician and educator. This is very much true in today’s education scenario, as it is very much necessary to impart students with life values along with proper academic concepts to succeed in life. Doing exactly this is Chitrakoota Kaushalya School.

Bangalore is among the leading education hubs in India, and there are a vast number of educational institutions in the city. However, what makes Chitrakoota Kaushalya standout among the crowd is the 360-degree approach which does not focus only on education, but the concept of holistic learning, which brings out the very best in each child. “I personally believe that a child has to be a thinking child. Only academic thinking will not help the child in the long run. When we attend interviews or meet people, we get attracted to those people who are problem solvers and can think & bring something new to the table. I believe that our children should be like that, and our long term vision is to aid global competency. ‘Local to Global’ is our aim. Another mission is that the child should be a happy child. A thinking and happy child will make a lot of difference, and that is what our dream is”, says Joyita Chatterjee, Principal, Chitrakoota Kaushalya School.

Students at Chitrakoota are encouraged to do new things, make mistakes, and learn from their mistakes rather than the teachers
pointing it out, thus having a long term effect on their confidence and self-esteem. This is achieved through a lot of reading, information gathering, brainstorming sessions, interviews and meeting new people, which gives students firsthand experience, which will in turn help students to be righteous and guide others as well.

At Chitrakoota, teachers are taken through various analytical thinking and problem solving programs, which gives them an advantage while facing such day-to-day issues

Chitrakoota comprises of two sectors pre primary and primary, wherein strong emphasis is laid on bridging the gap between the students gaining knowledge and putting that knowledge into practice. “We believe in the triangle system, wherein teachers, parents and students are in a corner each. Every teacher here undergoes rigorous training, wherein the concept of experiential learning is implemented. We ensure that whatever the child learns, it learns in detail. A lot of peer learning happens through group discussions, seminars and small group discussions. Whatever the students do are displayed, so that the parents also know about the progress of their child. We have our own videos which explain each topic very well, which we ask the parents to go through and collect the feedback from them. We ensure that while doing their projects or the PPTs, children too know what is the difference between critical thinking and creativity”, adds Joyita.

At Chitrakoota, teachers are taken through various analytical thinking and problem solving programs, which gives them an advantage while facing such day-to-day issues. They implement these child centric problem solving aspects into the classroom to inculcate holistic learning among students. Also, they are very passionate & loving and never compare children with each other and don’t have any chronological order as such with children pertaining to their rank, as each child knows where he/she stands.

Chitrakoota also has a well being room equipped with beds and other necessary facilities, wherein a nurse is present 24x7 who observes each student carefully and informs the management if any problems, thus ensuring immediate care to the students. “We have a very profound value education offered in our school. There are many elements which our children go through to understand what is the role of values in their lives. We want a child to go through all these experiences to understand himself/herself better, so that they feel good about themselves”, concludes Chaitanya Chairman of Chitrakoota group of Institute.