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    Most of the institutions are on the verge of adopting the STEM process of learning and training their professionals because of the proven structure of skill enhancement like logical thinking, computational thinking, and problem-solving. However, according to a report presented by UNESCO, only 35 percent of STEM students in higher education in the global arena are women, and the major difference surrounds the STEM disciplines. But like UNESCO, many of the development hubs are working for the improvement of resource availability and girl/women education continuation in the STEM education section. India, being the second most populated country in the world, which is considered to be of huge potential, is one of the biggest assets when STEM education is delivered to the locals of...

10 Most Promising Stem Education Institutes - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ATTIS Systems ATTIS Systems Mr. Amit Lobo, Director & Consultant, Dr. Anil Shirahatti, Director & Consultant It offers STEM education with 3D printing, and was identified by the United States-based partnership (P21) for critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity
Core Champ Core Champ Er. Deepak Garg, Founder & CEO Offers STEM, Engineering, Electronics, AI, Robotics, IoT, and Entrepreneur education
IRobochakra IRobochakra Arun Rajeev, Managing Director Focused on providing topnotch programmes in robotics and STEAM education to college and school students
Learning Innovation Fun Education (LIFE) Learning Innovation Fun Education (LIFE) Mukesh Bind, Founder, Director & Sr. Educator With believes that STEM education should be an integral part of the regular education, the center aims to increase innovation among students by educating millions of minds
My STEM Zone My STEM Zone Sadanand Shetty, Marketing Manager Developer of the first ever experiential learning game made in India, which are divided according to grades of the students
One Teacher One Scientist One Teacher One Scientist Vaishali Gupta, Founder It is one of the exclusive STEAM platforms of India which believes in creating a pedagogical shift leaning towards creating a thinking and innovation mindset in students right from the preparatory stage
Propeller Technologies R&D Propeller Technologies R&D Salman, Co-Founder & COO, Aashik Rahman, Founder & CEO It is mainly focused on teaching technology in simplest way by relating academic subjects with movies and cartoons so that students can understand the concepts easier and at the same time we are teaching academics as well
Srisha Robotics Academy Srisha Robotics Academy Shashikanth Srinivas, Founder The academy trains students to bring out their creativity and contemporary skills coupled with Logical and Analytical thinking ability through exciting and new-fangled training program in Robotics
Startupcatz Startupcatz Kanchan Mane, Founder The institute is famous for STEM, IoT, AI, 3D Printing, Programming, VR, FinTech, and Startups
TechnoEdify TechnoEdify S. Pavan Reddy, Director A robotics academy offers robotics training, corporate training, web and IT services, educational workshops, futuristics product development, motivational seminar, consulting and outsourcing