iRobochakra: Unleashing the Futuristic Minds with Practical Learning

Arun Rajeev,Managing Director

Arun Rajeev

Managing Director

They say `great ideas come from keen observations'. "iRobochakra" is one such disruptive idea that emerged out of Arun Rajeev's observations on the learning methodologies. While Arun was working for Nissan & Honda in Japan, he observed that the life of kids in Japan is completely different from what is in our country. He noticed that every kid had working proficiency in Electrical and Robotics and that made them self-reliant and technologically for-ward. His days there left him with a very strong positive impression about hands-on and practical methods of learning. He figured out that in India there is a huge gap between what academia produced and the world's advancements.

In 2015, Arun Rajeev, the MD & Founder of Irobochakra, brought together two things he is very passionate about - Robotics and teaching kids. And, ideated iRobochakra in Feb 2016 with a motive of introducing the fascinating world of STEM and Robotics to students, whilst making learning fun and exciting. His wife N.A.Sujatha, the Co-Founder, brings in a decade of Marketing experience to coordinate Strategic Alliances & Marketing for the academy.

The company's management exclaims, "Our focus has always been to make the learner get excited about the prospects of STEM & Robotics, be it the experience of hands-on learning or the fun and excitement of being a creator and innovator. The potential of learning and growth is so much, there is never a dull moment during our learning sessions full of curious, enthusiastic students."
One-of-a-kind Offerings
The company offers Robotics for Schools, colleges and robotics enthusisast/hobbyist. At iRobochakra academy robotics training is provided for students from the age of 7 years. We also offer online programs like Arduino CREATOR program, Raspberry Pi Program (Offline & Online), and an exclusive course to Learn Python in Tamil. The firm hosts two competitions, known as ROBOFEST- International Robotics championship and Sarvavidya Fest - A National Level STEM Contest. "Our students also participate and win in many contests like WRO, IIT Mumbai, FLL, etc," Sujatha informs.

Arun adds, "iRobochakra has an R&D facility with in-house engineers. All the products we have are designed and manufactured by us based on market research and improvised methodology. Therefore, we can provide it at affordable costs to the schools and its quality is at par with many international robotic kits, which are expensive. We also have a product called AMINGO ­ India's first expression robot. With the pandemic and closure of all schools, we again had to work on our model and pivoted our business to an online model using simulation software, one of the first in STEM education."

"From 2 schools in the first year to 25 schools in 4th year, from 4 students to 4500 students we grew from strength to strength thanks to our patrons, the students, school management, teachers, and parents," says Arun Rajeev, MD & Founding Partner

An Edge over Others
iRobochakra provides customizable timing for all the programs both online and offline, allowing students to book the slots and decide the timings and number of classes per week. The curriculum/programs can be customized as per age and other factors as well.

The quality of coaching is ensured by state-of-the-art infrastructure, facility, and by hiring engineers who are passionate to teach, learn, and are kids friendly. At present, the company is working on IoT­based kits and AI training model for schools. This will help students to not just understand how AI and Machine learning works but also get hands-on experience, where they can try and create own AI-based projects.

"Irobochakra strives to keep Robotics and STEM education exciting and entertaining so that learning is fun and engaging. Due to pandemic and uncertain times ahead we have streamlined both online and offline methodologies for our learners convenience. It's an honour to introduce kids to this fascinating world and as our motto we impart Robotics with Responsibility, to make our world a better place," sums up Arun.