One Teacher One Scientist: Concretising the STE(A)M Base of Students Right from the Preparatory Stage

Vaishali Gupta,FounderInstrumental in bringing innovation to classroom teaching mechanisms and moulding children to become future ready and learners for life, One Teacher One Scientist is empowering teachers via specialized training programs aimed at transforming the current teaching pedagogy, in the space of pre-primary, primary and middle school; from a quasi-transactional method to an experiential, engaging and holistic approach.

Encompassing the versatility of STEAM Education under its unique pedagogy curriculum, One Teacher One Scientist is founded by Vaishali Gupta, who is regarded as a top-notch educationist of the country with almost two decades of experience in developing content for school education and more than 15 years of experience in training a diverse range of teachers, not only in India but across the globe. In December 2019 she conceived One Teacher One Scientist to promote her novel idea of motivating every teacher to nurture at least one scientist, who grows up to become a potential problem solver and Innovator.

Today, One Teacher One Scientist is one of the exclusive STEAM platforms of India which believes in providing the right curriculum and training to build skills in students right from the preparatory stage, to enable more and more children emerge as innovative thinkers and problem solvers in future. "Every adult has the capacity to bring out the scientist within a child. Each child is born with a natural intelligence and the role of education should be to help the child connect with his inner potential.

If every teacher pledges to give at least one scientist to the country, I think we as educators will do a great service towards nation building," says Vaishali Gupta, Founder, One Teacher One Scientist. An influential educator, Vaishali Gupta has been trained in pedagogy based professional development programmes like the `STEM Instructions that work', `Deeper Learning for All' and `Educating Global Citizens to instil global citizenship in children' from Harvard University in America.

Creating impact through three main verticals that cater to home learning, community outreach and teacher training One Teacher One Scientist is making children future ready with skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century. The pedagogical curriculum of One Teacher One Scientist encourages skill building in students using STEAM-related concepts, extensively leveraging the role of Arts, with a strong emphasis on the social and emotional quotient of children.

"The sustainable development goals of the United Nations are given prime importance at my organization because children have to grow up connected with values, culture and to understand each other and issues that plague the world at large to become effective problem solvers. Real education occurs when children perceive learning as a joyous and meaningful activity, which is engaging, and helps them construct and apply knowledge in a real-world context. We have to break boundaries between subjects and make learning more real, authentic and contextual for children. And that is what forms the core of all pedagogical approaches at One Teacher One Scientist", quotes Vaishali Gupta.

S.L.A.T.E. - Simple Learning Activities to Think and Empower is a recently launched program of One Teacher One Scientist, which is reaching out to children of migrant workers, school dropouts, and neo-literates

S.L.A.T.E. - Simple Learning Activities to Think and Empower is a recently launched program of One Teacher One Scientist, which is reaching out to children of migrant workers, school dropouts, and neo-literates. The program aims to provide basic literacy, numeracy and awareness to make children ready for formal education and perceive learning as a joyous, engaging and empowering activity. This pilot project is gaining a lot of traction and One Teacher One Scientist plans to impact lives of at least 50,000 children through the network of NGOs and CSR activities in the next five years.

Vaishali believes that the roadmap for future in every school education system should be project-based learning with STEAM as the driving force. She visualizes her organization to play the vital role of a bridge, taking STEAM based pedagogies to a diverse group of students through domestic and international collaborations, taking multi-fold steps to bring teachers, students and parents on a common ground.