• Kids Castle Preschool: Holistic, Unforced, Positive Environment
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    Kids Castle Preschool: Holistic, Unforced, Positive Environment

    The ramifications of early-age experiences and learnings last forever! Apparently, the learning process is rapid in the early ages, which proves quite instrumental in shaping one’s personality and the way one deals with life. Despite home being the first learning place, preschool’s high-quality program is a perfect medium for nurturing a child’s growth along early learning, stimulating curiosity in the young impressionable minds, equipping them with knowledge and preparing them for the future ahead. As we all accept these facts, taking action for effective early childhood education began with leaders like Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi. Further, the concept progressed when Tarabai Modak and Gijubhai Badheka pioneered Montessori practices in preschool education by creating...


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