Creating Future Entrepreneurs: Benefits Of Giving Entrepreneurial Training To Students From A Nascent Stage

In a world that has been constantly evolving and developing with technology and innovations, the K-12 schools have remained a stagnant entity. Education is primarily the driving force of every nation's economy directly or indirectly. No doubt, many schools have modernized themselves, and have taken to learning by doing as their students work in groups to brainstorm and solve problems, dabble in online learning, and integrate science with arts. Still, it is often observed that students who graduate lack the necessary skills and out-of-the-box thinking needed to tackle and get though the modern day workplace challenges. Teaching entrepreneurship does not only develop the capacity to start companies, but even to think innovatively and ambitiously. Hence including it in the school curriculum will prove beneficial.

Entrepreneurial learning focuses on shaping real world skills which can help students to live exceptional lives in a world that is rapidly changing. It aids students hailing from all socio economic backgrounds to think creatively and enable unconventional skills and talents to come to the fore. It presents a breeding ground for numerous opportunities, ensures social justice, instils a sense of confidence in the learner and stimulates the economy by a large margin.

Entrepreneurship education is practically a life long learning process, which should start as early as elementary school and progress through all the levels of education, even adult education for that matter

Entrepreneurship education is practically a lifelong learning process, which should start as early as elementary school and progress through all the levels of education, even adult education for that matter. The sooner they are introduced to the world of entrepreneurship, the bigger the impact they will make.

How Does Entrepreneurship Benefit Young Learners?
Introducing young kids early to entrepreneurial learning can help develop their initiative and lead them to be more creative and confident in anything they do. It even teaches them to act in a socially and morally responsible manner. The existing education system wants students to be focused on the specific tasks assigned to them and does not really allow them to go off the beaten path and dream up their own endeavours or become child entrepreneurs.

Guidance counsellors lead kids to pursue traditional careers, ones that typically require university education, rather than motivating them to start something of their own. In other words, strictly abiding by the instructions given and following directions is rewarded, and drifting away from it is very often met with punishment. This kind of learning is very close ended.

Entrepreneurship focused programs, on the other hand, teach students critical skills and prepare them to face all sorts of challenges. Here are some ways in which entrepreneurship moulds a whole some personality in kids making them ready to take on the world:

1.Prepare Students for Unforeseen Challenges
We live in an age of unprecedented global technological transformation. Today's kids face an uncertain future packed with complicated social, political and environmental issues. We cannot really foretell what our students will have to deal with upon graduating. Therefore, they need an all encompassing education that teaches them the crucial life skills needed to navigate this uncertain terrain in the times to come. Entrepreneurship will teach them empathy, teamwork, problem solving, and accepting failure as part of their personal growth process.

2.Instils Soft Skills
The complexities of life, in general, can be intimidating for young minds. Honing an entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids to be optimistic and solutions focused in the face of adversities. They learn how to use the tools of creativity and critical thinking so that they can effectively address and resolve real life challenges. Fostering entrepreneurial skills will hold students in good stead as they develop a positive outlook which eventually helps them in various facets of their lives. Also, as standard testing has become the norm in regular schools, students are hardly ever presented with opportunities to innovate and collaborate with others. Entrepreneurship programs, thus, inspire creativity, collaboration and innovative thinking.

3.Teaches Problem Solving Skills
Teaching entrepreneurship means teaching students enterprise qualities such as problem solving, financial and digital literacy, and team bonding. But even before they can go on to solve problems, students need to learn how to identify problems. Traditionally, schools teach problem solving by assigning those issues to students which have already been defined by someone else. In the practical world, problems can only be solved when they have been correctly identified and described. Entrepreneurship education prepares children to identify problems which they have never encountered before a skill that will help them survive any hardship in life.

4.Enhances Current Lessons
Entrepreneurship is a practical oriented, versatile form of learning that includes within its ambit project based training. Its techniques can easily be assimilated in multiple disciplines and subjects without having to revamp the existing curricula. For instance, students can be taught how they can monetise and scale their artistic talent during art class or how to commercialise innovations in the science laboratory.

Summing Up
Entrepreneurial skills are not applicable only to business, but prove useful in workplaces and life in general. The contemporary world has undergone a sea change and enterprise forms an inevitable part of our daily activities. Therefore, it's important that we make our kids aware of this and assist them in grasping the key aspects of those practices that will prepare them for the future.

Pavan Allena, Founder & CEO
Pavan Allena is the Founder and CEO of Metamorphosis, World's first virtual school for Entrepreneurship at High School level to transform the student thinking to become job creators than job seekers. Metamorphosis seeks to empower young minds with the entrepreneurial skillset and guide them on the path of Leadership and Innovation. Founded in the year 2018, the venture is on a mission to set up entrepreneurial ecosystems and incubators in schools and colleges.