Add-on services demand to compliment e-learning, self-paced training courses

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Peeush holds B.Tech from IIT, Varanasi.

For the past several years, some online IT training institutes have been providing India’s tech pool, in need of authentic training and mentoring support, with customized up-skilling solutions to make them globally compatible.

Recently, these institutes are witnessing a significant rise in demand for add-on services, such as VILT mentoring, Cloud Labs-as-a-service, Assessments-as-a-service and so on, along with e-learning/self-paced training courses. These services are proving to be beneficial in many aspects. They are not only good for learners, but also for trainers and for IT companies looking to upgrade their employees. These save time and money and help candidates retain information easily and for a long time.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is an online classroom. Here, students and instructors sitting at different locations communicate over Cloud. This virtual learning experience provides students the benefit of hands-on learning experience that helps in knowledge retention.

With improved Internet speed, VILT has become a more attractive option for aspiring tech professionals and IT companies looking to train employees, partners and customers in new software solutions or in handling software-specific job scenarios and environments. VILT is not only cost-effective, but also more convenient than physical labs that require expensive hardware and IT staff to maintain.

Benefits of VILT

The Cloud has changed how we look at software development and its usage. And the VILT method provides more accessibility and scalability than other teaching options.

Present VILT programs streamline the process of creating and managing an online session, enabling companies to focus on the content. Teachers are able to monitor students closely, track their progress and help whenever needed.
It makes training more effective, while reducing overhead costs along with expensive classroom training needs worldwide.

Cloud Labs-as-a-Service

The term, ‘software training’, brings up certain images in your mind, like physical labs where candidates carry out simulated exercises in a classroom environment. You can see IT-configured software on computers, or learners trying to configure software on their computers. But this has neither proved to be very good for long-term content retention, nor very effective for learners.

Nowadays, IT training companies are depending more on learning management systems (LMSes) for training individuals and partner company training requirements. But the old LMS can be ineffective while involving more technical and complex software training exercises.

Experts say, for software training, a virtual lab is a more effective approach. It provides hands-on experience with software they would finally be handling while working. These virtual labs work just as a physical training lab with a trainer, along with IT support. They provide a real-world environment and the benefits of learning.

Benefits of Cloud Labs-as-a-Service

Active learning brings better results and is also believed to be the best knowledge retention method. Hands-on learning provides much better results and, with more such experience, individuals can learn and retain information even more.

These Cloud Labs also offer more flexibility to learners since they can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time and, more importantly, at a suitable pace. This means flying trainers to different locations and complex scheduling are not needed so that employees get sufficient time with trainers. It also means better time management at a much lower cost.


Similar to other training aspects, the IT industry is also witnessing a rapid shift from physical examinations to an online format. This allows candidates to sit for an important examination from anywhere without having to travel long distances. The authentic digital assessment also makes it impossible for students to cheat because of a strong security framework helping honest students to reach success easily.

Online assessment services are timed examinations that a candidate can take while his/her desktop is monitored by software over webcam video and audio. The data recorded by the software is then reviewed by the training/assessment provider. An assessment is like any examination with an online infrastructure that supports related activities, especially invigilation to maintain the sanctity of an examination hall.

Benefits of Assessments-as-a-Service

Demand for virtual assessments is growing because it helps IT institutes conduct online examinations from anywhere securely and flexibly. Similar to Cloud Labs and virtual training, this, too, is less expensive and less time-consuming.