Tulas International School: Commendable contribution in changing the education system

Raunak Jain,Director

Raunak Jain


The age old ‘Gurukul' system encouraged the concept of learning and skill development simultaneously. The modern education system today needs more of such practices along with technology to build the overall personality and life skills of students. Tula's replicates the concept of Gurukul while also empowering education with technology as it chooses to equip the Gurukul system with modern methods of education and infrastructure. It offers exchange programs with International Institutions and Universities. Its innovative programs facilitate weaker students. It also specialises students in activities to sharpen their skills in the field of music, dance, art, public speaking, sports and literary skills. It aims at developing right moralities in students through personality development and career counselling, which makes it best in the business.

Modern Gurukul is a concept where in the students go to their gurus to obtain knowledge through digital mediums. We focus on the mind, body and soul, along with moral values, traditions, spiritual, and ethics as they teach important values and ideas, manners and values which help our students in their future life. The beauty and simplicity of the Gurukul system is well knit with modern facilities. Tula's focuses on key areas like Discipline, Creativity, Right Attitude, Empathy, and Strong Moral Values. The school aims to create the ancient guru disciple relationship between the student and teacher in a modern and well equipped setup.

Learning Through Workstations
A classroom is a dynamic environment that brings together students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities. For teachers, there is no "One Size Fits All"solution. Tula's International School uses various methodologies and technologies for learning. At Tula's, the focus is on learning for life, for which the concept of classroom is no more in practice hence workstations are provided. Just like in ancient times, wherein the students used to go to their Gurus to acquire knowledge similarly at Tula's, the students move from one workstation to another to gain knowledge.

At workstations students are engaged in realistic problems to be solved. On finding the solution they learn the concept forever. It brings the dull academic to life with visual and practical learning, through the uses of
interactive white boards. Tula's wants its students to become independent learners by co-operating with one another.

Professional development programs are constantly organized by the school to upgrade the teachers as well as the students. Career counseling and tie up with many foreign universities, plays a vital role in shaping the future of students. Many students have benefited and are successfully placed around the world last line.

Tulas International School The Modern Gurukul

TIS has a strong infrastructure to facilitate and support student activities for sports. The sports facilities offered are unprecedented and world class like Football, Snooker, Skating,Cycling,Basketball, Squash, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Tae-k-Wondo, Table Tennis, Shooting, Archery, Crossbow, Horse Riding and many more. Students are trained by experienced sports coaches who are handpicked to help develop skills among students. It also facilitates participating hobbies like pottery, dancing, art/craft, photography, cooking, horse riding, music, yoga, etc. through its clubs and activities.

Various Programs & Scholarships
TIS is affiliated to CBSE. It focuses on teaching through digital media and demonstrations. Teachers are regularly trained to update them with latest pedagogy and methodology of lecture delivery. The school opts to educate students through life skills programs. Tula's International School offers admission with Online & Offline "Common Aptitude Assessment" and session Interview with Dean of Academic/Vice Principal/ Principal. The selection process is designed to recognize meritorious students in the field of Academic, Sports, Creative & Performing Arts. Tula's also offers "Scholarship" to top students who exhibit additional qualities such as exemplary character, integrity, leadership and will share the values of the school community.

TIS is currently working on implementation of "NEP 2020", which requires the organisational and structural changes.TIS also initiates programs that enhances Personality Development program, Career Awareness, Stream Selection program (Raasta) & Psychological motivation and guidance (social motives and personal motives).

Tula's has set a strong roadmap for future. The school is fully equipped to undertake any changes required. It is not in a rat race with other institutions. Tula's being the pioneer in the field of quality education, feels the need for merging with international curriculum so it is on the way of starting IB curriculum. Tula's is already recognized as a brand and in the coming future it is going to increase its brand value with student Grooming and Career Guidance Program designed as per students' calibre and Interest. TIS students are excelling and representing the school on a global platform.