United International School: Imparting True Learning & Skill Development

John Peter Kirubagaran,ChairmanThe schooling system today has moved to being more digital than theoretical as compared to the past. Learning being the more focused of all, skills and overall personality development also stands equally important. United International School was founded in 2001 under key person Mr. John Peter Kirubagaran. It is one of Bangalore's premier education destinations for girls and boys. Students at the institution benefit from realistically fee structured mainstream schooling.

The High Tech Smart Board enabled classrooms, advanced sports facilities, instilling scriptural morals and a team of outstanding and qualified educators add value to the overall development of every student in our institution. It aims at providing holistic education to every child irrespective of gender, ability, religion, caste or status enabling them to realize their true potential.

Identifying the Student's Strength & Weaknesses
Besides academics, the students are prepared with the tools and concepts that are necessary to deal with everyday challenges. UIS teaches techniques to manage emotions and engages in positive practices with an overall value that adds to the importance of wellbeing. The students are also encouraged to identify their strengths and turn their weaknesses into an asset through such programs and activities to uplift their academic and skill development goals.

The Co-Scholastic activities at United International School comprises of Sports, Dance, Music, Martial Arts, Robotics, School Magazine, SUPW and School Choir. These Co-Scholastic activities supplement academic curriculum as it enhances students' self esteem and helps them in developing skills such as creative thinking, communication, problem solving, collaboration and other essential life skills.

ICSE Curriculum for Reaching Academic Goals
At United International School, ICSE Curriculum (Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination, affiliated to the Delhi Board) is followed. The certificate is now also recognised by several foreign institutions as it is equivalent to high school examination in other foreign countries. It provides a well balanced and a whole some content. While other curriculums focus more on Maths and Science, an ICSE education board offers an equal weight age to all subjects including languages, business studies and humanities.
This helps the students applying to universities abroad for higher education.

Practical structure of assessment at ICSE syllabus encourages students to look beyond textbooks and apply experiential learning. Prominence is given to project work and internal assessment, enabling students an opportunity to score high grades in examinations. ICSE offers a wider potential as the combination of ICSE content and teaching methodologies are in par with national and international systems.It benefits students who want to pursue higher studies abroad, and take competitive exams such as NEET, CET, ILETS TOEL and SATS in India and abroad.

United International School is leading to new horizons for smart learning

At United International School, each employee is motivated and are encouraged to stay passionate about their work. The organisation's core values are emphasized at every staff orientation. The employees are provided with opportunities for growth and top performers are recognized. UIS follows a stringent recruitment process while deploying their teachers. It matches its requirements with their qualifications, experience and subject knowledge. The most important criteria it looks forward to, in teacher candidates, is a teaching certificate approved by the National Council for Teachers Education that includes NTT, TTC, TCH and B.Ed.

Innovative tech-Enabled Education
United International School believes in an education system that is inclusive, gender equitable and supports early learning. It believes that learning should be imparted to all and the best technology should be used for the same. The updated pedagogical methods provide stimulated and creative learning.
Audio and Video tools Smart Board teaching, experiential learning, study trips, using design thinking process, are some of the basic strategies to inspire innovative education in classrooms.This helps the students to acquire practicality and life skills while also keeping up with theoretical knowledge.

United International School is appreciated by parents and students for its discipline and smart classrooms. The sports facilities and special attention to personality development is one of the primary features that make both students and parents to admire the school and the teachers.

United International School will continue to focus on providing academic excellence, with the collaboration of parents, teachers and students. It prepares students to be successful in various zones, it will support by expanding learning opportunities and also creating a network of UIS schools in other locations in India and abroad. Currently it has widened the boundaries from a school to PreUniversity College and Degree College.