• International School Of The Year - 2021
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    International School Of The Year - 2021

    Not very long ago, school education was limited mainly to classrooms, books, black boards and written exams. Teaching in school classrooms was predominantly a one- way communication route, rote learning was considered the best way for students to internalize what they learnt and having a great memory was key to doing well in the exams. Teachers and students were content with a learning system that was largely uni dimensional, unilingual or at the most bilingual and stunted with multiple cultural barriers. A radical shift in education happened with the advent of globalization. Phenomenal advancement of technology led to a dynamic compression of space and time that brought nations, cultures and economies across the world closer to one another. This change in the global cultural ethos...


Education’s Universal Leap !

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Never Too Old For School

Dr. Jesudas Menon, Part-Time Lecturer And Practicum Supervisor, Nie Ntu, Singapore

Online Education: A Way Forward Into The Future Or Not?

Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Founder, Global Education & Training Institute And Global Classroom

Teaching Should Evoke Curiosity

Sameera Sachdeva, Early Years Teacher, The Gera School

How Indian Education Ecosystem Can Learn From The Western Cybersecurity Curriculum?

Rakesh Kharwal, Managing Director - India/South Asia & Asean, Cyberbit

Need For More Researchers In India To Combat Innovation And Creativity Crisis

P.C Chhabra, Executive Director, Sanskriti University

Robotics: Role In Inculcating Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths In Schools!

Dr. Sam Paul, Director, Asia Pacific World School, Bangalore

Where Does Indian Defence Curriculum Stand Vis-À-Vis The World?

Shishir Dixit, Founder And CEO, Centurion Defence Academy

Four Ways Parents & Children Can Beat Exam Stress

Abhinav Sekhri, Founder & CEO, Admission24

Why Now Is The Time When We Need Mentors More Than Trainers

Anurag Venkat, Founder, Vinion Tech Solutions