Chaman Bhartiya School: Chaman Bhartiya School Nurturing Leaders Of Tomorrow

Allan Andersen,DirectorLearning is the foundation stone of an individual's personality. While conceptual learning is the primary learning parameter that every school is thoroughly focused on, digital learning is the newest form of learning that parents and schools want to be highly familiarized with. Viewing the importance of 21st century learning practices, Chaman Bhartiya School primarily focuses on creating leaders that can build a better tomorrow for generations to come.

By not just words, Chaman Bhartiya School has the best-integrated leadership profile in its curriculum. It has created a hierarchy that supports leadership. The school views leadership as the most critical aspect of an individual's personality that incorporates competence, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

The quality of education imparted at the school is validated because it has been ranked by the Times of India amongst the top 10 emerging schools in Bangalore. Recently, it won 3 gold medals in the International Maths Olympiad, International English Olympiad, and National Science Olympiad amongst lakhs of national & international students.

Learning Through Creative Programs
India has an old system of schooling where academic knowledge is prioritized over life skills. Chaman Bhartiya School wants to develop its students emotionally and socially. CBS combines traditional classroom teaching along with project based learning. It enables develop critical thinking, problem solving, research skills, teamwork, and collaboration. Playful experiences through Lego are woven into the curriculum, a system that combines structure, logic, and creativity.

Unique programs such as "Everyone can Code" are an ongoing part of education at Chaman Bhartiya school. All students learn coding from the age of 6. The unique program "Everyone can Create" enables students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music, and drawing. CBS places the highest importance on the physical growth and development of the learner through myriad activities, including performing arts and sports. Some unique initiatives at the school include Joy of Reading, Maths Mastery, Lego Robotics, and Space Education.

"Joy of Reading" is an inhouse personalized reading program whose chief objective is to nurture a love for reading in children and drive creativity and imagination. Maths
Mastery is an international approach through which students get a deeper understanding of the subject. It also makes the subject exciting & engaging.

Learning is tailored according to the interests and aptitude of the student. The 1:1 iPad program, as well as the 1:10 teacher ratio, personalizes learning. While recruiting its teachers, Chaman Bhartiya School focuses on essential elements of their personality. The most important of them all is love for children. The following elements are eagerness to learn, collaboration, and adaptability to technology, viewing the digital education culture. CBS lays high emphasis on the professional development of teachers and it is one of the few schools in India which has an inhouse PD division.

Digital Education Is The Future
Digital education is undoubtedly the future of education. The online classes have enabled a one to one student teacher connection that wasn't otherwise possible in a packed classroom. The internet has enabled students to collaborate and explore more comprehensive platforms than before. Digital education will also gradually adapt to self learning shortly.

Chaman Bhartiya School envisions the nurturing of the vision makers and leaders

Chaman Bhartiya School believes in a hybrid learning model, thus balancing digital learning and interactive learning in the classroom. It recently engaged its students in an online project amidst the covid, where the students worked in teams and challenged their critical thinking ability. The project was targeted towards problem solving through collaboration. The results clearly show that digital learning has a massive scope of collaborative learning, too and there is so much still left to explore.

Students from Classes III to VII of Chaman Bhartiya School, Bengaluru, are developing payloads that will travel aboard a high altitude balloon satellite into low Earth orbit to conduct several experiments, including collecting data on pollution and radiation for which they will develop sensors and cameras. Also on board will be a GPS module, a plant and toothpaste. The students working on the project are confident that it will be launched in January 2022.They first embarked on it in August this year. The payload will be launched at an altitude of100 km above sea level from Hosakote a town in rural Bengaluru, once it earns clearance from the Air Traffic Control authorities.

Chaman Bhartiya School currently has 140 students in all classrooms, from grade 1 to grade 7. Though Covid was a halt to the school's further expansion plans, the school will start admissions in the 8th grade in the next year. In the coming years, it will open up admissions till grade 12. The long term goal for Chaman Bhartiya School is to be recognized across the country by launching a chain of schools in its name.