Little Elly: Experiencing the Joy of Learning with a Skill-Based Curriculum

Vittal Bhandary, Founder & MD,Preeti Bhandary, Co-Founder & Curriculum Director

Vittal Bhandary, Founder & MD

Preeti Bhandary, Co-Founder & Curriculum Director

A research reveals that children receiving first-class childhood education have better math, language & social skills and as they grow older require less special education, advance further in school, have lesser communications with the justice system and have higher earnings as adults. Parents readying to use childcare should ensure that their kids are enrolled in the highest quality daycares/preschools as the experience from a premium care environment have perennial benefits for the child. Bangalore based Little Elly is one such finest daycare/preschool in the country that follows a neighborhood concept, which ensures that a child doesn’t have to travel long distances in search of a high-quality daycare/preschool.

The pet project of Vittal Bhandary (Founder & Managing Director) and Preeti Bhandary (Co-Founder & Curriculum Director), Little Elly was initiated in 2004 around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious. From just four preschools, it has not only escalated its growth establishing 125 preschools in seven states
across India but also rose to be one among the very few Indian preschools to begin operations in U.S.

We have introduced an exclusive app which serves as a conduit for communication and information between the corporate office, the centers, and the parent community

Demystifying Early Education
The physical environment contributes to a child’s development and has a profound impact on children’s learning and behavior. Hence Little Elly implements a unique center design and takes pride in introducing ‘Concept rooms’ like the Motor Skills room, the ELP (Early Learning Program) room, and the Art & Creativity room to mention a few. Its multi-age curriculum incorporates a fused form of Montessori system and the principles of Rudolph Steiner and this blend comes in a capsule form perfectly fit for the Indian education system. This innovative, thematic, and skill-based curriculum is right on target along with facilities like outdoor play area, sand pits, a stage for music & movement, Montessori space & reading rooms and well-qualified and cherry-picked faculties on-board working towards the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

Little Elly offers various services like the Glentree Academy (K-12 initiative developing responsible
attitudes and commitment in children), Elly Childcare (convenient childcare solution for working parents), and LETTER (an academy that trains individuals pursuing a teaching career. CCTV cameras, GPS enabled transport services, and a thorough background check of all the staff are few steps taken by Little Elly to ensure the kids’ safety. Strongly believing that success is a result of committed teamwork, the school looks up to their franchisees as partners in growth. Further, the corporate office provides all the centers with support and guidance 24x7 on curriculum & logistics and has curriculum experts, child development specialists, and trained academicians to address parents’ concerns. “We have introduced an exclusive app which serves as a conduit for communication and information between the corporate office, the centers, and the parent community,” states Viswanath K, COO, Little Elly.

Opening Doors to the Future
Adhering to the State Education Department’s requirements and the Safety norms of POCSO Act, Little Elly is a member of Early Childhood Association and the Karnataka Council of Preschools. Chasing a cluster based growth, it is focusing on building franchisee partnership in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmadabad, Ranchi and Kochi, and aspires to launch over 500 preschools PAN India within next three years. Adding more feathers to its cap, Little Elly targets providing continuity to preschoolers by establishing a mainstream school that follows the same ideology and vision in major cities in the next three years.