• SANFORT: Play-Fort for Toddlers with Spot-on Smart Learning System
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    SANFORT: Play-Fort for Toddlers with Spot-on Smart Learning System

    Crècheis no new nomenclature in the league of modern parenting. From the era of ‘Flintstones’ of parenting to that of the ‘Jets ons’, the concept of playschool started decades back from the neighbourhood aunties’ house with no infrastructure and curriculum, which gradually ameliorated by organised chains with set structured & planned curriculum. Neuro science research has shown that the early years (ages 0-5) are the most sensitive for the development of human brain. Over 90 percent development of the brain happen during early childhood years. And at this early age, more care and streamlined learning process is the requisite in order to make them the Albert Einstein and Homi Jehangir Bhabha’s of tomorrow. Breaking the shackles and bridging the gap in the early learning...


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