HereWeGrow: A Whole Some Day Care to Nourish Young Minds

Soma Bhagat,Partner & Founder

Soma Bhagat

Partner & Founder

A child’s brain in early childhood is like a sponge absorbing copious amount of information from the surroundings continuously and effortlessly. The young working parents while balancing both work and home, struggle to nurture the minds of their little ones. Keeping the precarious situation of these working parents, HereWeGrow (HWG) was envisioned as a solution to provide reliable, comfortable and hygienic care to the children in a homely environment. Understanding the significance of brain development in linguistic, cognitive and social skills, the time spent at this day care is well utilized by imparting basic knowledge and coaching in abacus, karate, dance, preschool bee, spelling bee, summer camps and drawing by qualified experienced staff.

The structured learning sessions imparted through innovative methods not just nullify boredom, tantrums & eating disorders,but also help the children to seamlessly transition from daycare to kindergarten without being overwhelmed with the system. “While nobody can replace a parent's care and concern, we can confidently assert that the children rarely miss their parents during the hours spent with us,” affirms Soma Bhagat, Partner & Founder, HereWeGrow.
Following the pedagogy prescribed by clinical psychologist for holistic development, the school program comprises of Playgroup (2-3 years), Nursery (3-4 years), LKG (4-5 years), UKG (5-6 years) and after school care. Partnering with renowned & experienced organizations in various fields such as Coach Direct (indoor and outdoor games), SIP Abacus & Brain Gym, Phoenix Martial Arts (karate), STEPS (dance), Ma RRS Pre school bee Bee (vocabulary) and KIDPOD (podium to showcase talent), HWG provides a wide assortment of activities for the children to participate within the premise of the day care and learning centre. Reflecting its strategy’s success are the numerous awards bagged by the institution (Best Center Award in Eastern Cluster - 2013 & TOP 25 Learning Centre in Karnataka - 2014 by SIP Abacus and Brain Gym) and its children in various National, State and Regional level competitions.

Alleviating even the smallest concerns of parents, HWG maintains transparent operations, with safety of the little ones being the primary objective

Fostering Safety & Transparency
Alleviating even the smallest concerns of parents, HWG maintains transparent operations with safety of the little ones being the primary objective. Along with biometric door access, IP camera, content management system for parental access and communication with teachers, it is always open to parents for surprise inspections. With
competent staff taking care of the children (adult-child ratio of 1:5 to 1:8 to provide the necessary emotional & physical attention and support) from 9am to 7pm, it also has a backup arrangement to tackle attrition. “We are on the verge of developing cloud based software for seamless daily operations and quality management,” reveals Soma.

Proficient Staff to Mould Young Minds
Apart from mandating a master’s degree or teacher certification from a renowned institute, HWG hires only warm, patient and affable staff that the children can grow close to and feel secure with. Once hired, the teachers’ strengths and weaknesses are continuously evaluated and are encouraged to undertake trainings by attending workshops and networking with peer-circles to be aware of new developments in the field. Fun and celebrations are infused in the work culture to bring happiness to the kids.

Innovation for Consistent Growth
The multi-award winning day care and learning centre has an average of 31-32 per cent year-on-year revenue growth and constantly innovates itself for greater productivity by evaluating its operational methods. Adhering to transparency, the stakeholders are apprised about new introductions in existing infrastructure, technology, methodology or operations.“We are in the process of opening franchises in various parts of Bangalore and want to slowly spread our wings to different cities,” concludes Soma.