Sanskkar Preschool: Building Extraordinary Personalities via Inclusive Education and Moralistic Ideology

Sandhya.K.Menon, Founder Trustee,Geeta Raturi, Founder Trustee

Sandhya.K.Menon, Founder Trustee

Geeta Raturi, Founder Trustee

We all uphold certain moral values and wish the same for our budding kids. Given that the character cannot be built in one day, the edifice is erected by placing the bricks of moral values, etiquettes and mannerisms one by one. For Sanskkar Preschool, the term ‘sanskkar’ is not just its name; it believes in inculcating moral values and instructing the future generations the code of right and ethical behavior. Incepted by management professors Sandhya K Menon and GeetaRaturi (Founder Trustees) in 2015, Sanskkar is the only school of its kind with a curriculum that is a right mix of Indian moral values and international competitiveness.

The Scholar of Morality
Since childhood is the age of discovery, it’s the right time to impart inclusive education from the very first step of the child’s academic career pre nursery cradle. Sanskkar imparts age-appropriate education that focuses on physical, emotional, social and cognitive development in a peaceful and stimulating environment. In the wake of recent trends and methods, its curriculum is updated annually to
impart resourceful education.With an aim to mould the young minds in the right direction from an early age, the digitalized curriculum is framed to focus on the children’s verbal, reading and fine motor skills on the academic facade. Under the shade of vibrant infrastructure and child-Centric environment, every child feels at ease and they converse with each other, which enhances their socialization abilities.

Vesting keen importance on the standards of hygiene & cleanliness, Sanskkar makes sure that every child aging from playgroup to kindergarten is given personalized care and attention for their holistic growth

Vesting keen importance on the standards of hygiene & cleanliness, Sanskkar makes sure that every child aging from playgroup to kindergarten is given personalized care and attention for their holistic growth. A plethora of fun activities like gaming, dancing, yoga and meditation are organized to strengthen their mind and body for positive and peaceful character. The fun learning method, competitions, celebrations and field trips evoke excitement that helps attain hands-on experience about all the things around them. Along side, various competitions, seminars and workshops are conducted for parents to help strengthen their relationship with their children.
Besides showcasing their academic progress through quarterly ‘Culminating Activity’, parents are constantly updated through PTMs and a mobile app. Further easing parents’ lives, the preschool has tied up with top-notch schools like Brigade School, &Sri Ram Global School, to name a few, for admissions to grade-1.

The school takes utmost care about the safety of the kids through constant monitoring on CCTV, soft flooring, child friendly toys and bearers card. With periodical assessment of CCTV foot ages and background verified female - centric workforce, Sanskkar ensures that no child is left alone or in wrong hands. Adhering to 1:12 teacher-student ratio, the teachers of Sanskkar as certain that the little kids learn the right attitude and value education with great care. The duo states, “Providing a happy working environment to our staff makes them cater to the individual needs of every child whole heartedly”.

Leaders of Tomorrow in the Making
If we look back, the values that we cherish today were mostly taught to us through stories. Sandhya and Geetatoo believe that inspirational stories of great personalities like sachin Tendulkar, Steve Jobs & Dr. Abdul Kalam motivates the students to put in extra effort to become extraordinary personalities. Hence Sanskkar cultivates the principles of moralistic life through stories taught with the help of puppet show and role play.These fundamentals led the company grow cent percent in the recent times. With an overwhelming response from parents, Sanskkar intends to open another branch shortly, within the city.