Daisy Montessori School: An Inclusive Pre-School & Day Care with Holistic Child Care Development

Dr. MitaSarkar,Founder&  Director

Dr. MitaSarkar

Founder& Director

Early Childhood Care and Education is much more than preparation for primary school; it is the foundation to build one's character, personality, and fundamental to lifelong learning and well- being.However, Indian preschools still linger when it comes to child safety, quality and inclusive education. Realizing the dearth of a safe and a hygienic ecosystem with high-quality education,Dr. MitaSarkar (Founder & Director) started Daisy Montessori School to provide quality education & ambience, robust curriculum crafted around the child’s developmental areas at an affordable fee. Breaking the barriers of children with special needs and striving to provide a wholesome atmosphere for every child to make them capable and responsible future citizens, Daisy is gaining reputation through its Montessori based comprehensive childcare development program.The well Planned programs include concept time, learning development time, library time, gross motor & fine motor skill development, story time, sensorial activity, exercise of practical life, art & craft, yoga, and free play. Music, dance, drawing and fireless cooking are also part of day care and after
school program. Daisy Montessori offers pre-schooling for toddlers, pre-KG, Lower-KG, Upper - KG,day care services and after school care (where the teachers assist the students to complete their homework)for children up to ten years.

The skilled staffs at Daisy are not just educationally qualified, but also work with passion, honesty & integrity and most importantly, are affectionate towards the children

Established in 2017 by a well-educated IIT alumnus with a PhD from U.S. University who is available full-time in the facility, unsurprisingly Daisy stringently adheres to the staff to children ratio set by the US National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)- minimum 1:4 (12-24 months) to maximum 1:8 (3-10 years) with trained teachers and caregivers. Housing a child psychologist to give individual attention to every child’s need, the pre school has special educators, resource rooms and pull -out sessions for children with special needs. Whether it’s a child with physical disability, non-verbal, very naughty rejected by other preschool or school phobia, Daisy understands the frustrations encountered by the parents and is empathetic to every child’s need to grow at his/her own pace. “With Montessori equipped classrooms, we engage the children with specialized
curriculum to develop cohesive and progressive education,” asserts Dr.Mita.

A Safe Environment with Skilled Staff
Child safety, security & hygiene being its top priority, the school nullifies parents’ anxiety with live streaming of CCTV accessible to parents, seat belt enabled transportation, thoroughly maintained visiting logs, safe flooring in the play area, customized toilet & wash area with security staff at all times. The skilled staffs at Daisy are not just educationally qualified, but also work with passion, honesty &integrity and most importantly,are affectionate towards the children. Believing that safety is a ‘mindset’, children’s security is embedded in its work culture and the standards are consistently maintained through regular training programs and meetings.

Building a Strong Base for Future Growth
Registered with the State Education Board, the school is currently keen on solidifying basic foundations like safe amenities & quality education, before spreading its wings over the next 3-5 years.With utmost commitment to fulfil the promises in providing high-standard pre schooling development, Dr.Mita states, “I’m a big believer that investing in young children is one of the smartest investments a country can make to address inequality, break the cycle of poverty, and improve outcomes later in life. I’m personally committed to this and want to work together with all of you in this journey”.