eZCom:Enabling Digital Infrastructure for Educational Institutions

Vishal Amar Saraf, Directors , Vikas Amar Saraf, Directors

Vishal Amar Saraf, Directors

Vikas Amar Saraf, Directors

Ever since the booming digital platforms have taken over the conventional methods of teaching-learning paradigm, extensions to this genre is what the tech eggheads have been cooking. With hundreds of mobile applications being developed for schools and higher educational institutions to run the smart classes and automate the system, the bulge of such apps have witnessed discontinuation in their usage because of the complexity and lack of intuitiveness in architecture.

The company in partnership with schools, education community and other partners has developed and deployed sophisticated ready-to-use customizable solutions including eZCom Mobile (Communication Mobile App for iOS, Android & Windows Mobile), eZCom SIS / Campus (fully featured School/Campus Information System),eZCom Admission (fully automated and customizable admission), eZCom Payment (Integrated Online/Offline Payment), SPH/eZTrack RFID Bus Tracking(Child Tracking & Security with RFID, GPS & Video Surveillance), eZCom ARMS(Cloud-based next generation assessment authoring & delivery platform), and eZCom KIOSK (Interactive KIOSK System within School/Higher Education campuses.
With its ‘ease of use’ feature, eZComcaters to the need of the hour by offering many services under one single app for K12-Schools & Higher educational institutions, parents, teachers, and students & alumni. eZCom is a powerful platform to deliver an outstanding school experience to all the stake holders (including teachers, parents and students) of an educational institution.

eZCom is a powerful platform to deliver an outstanding school experience to all the stakeholders (including teachers, parents and students) of an educational institution

eZCom family of solutions is an offering from SCMC Private Limited (ISO-9001:2008 certified company). Incepted in 2003 by Vishal Amar Saraf & Vikas Amar Saraf, this education-based venture has developed and deployed innovative, integrated technology enabled solutions for diverse schools and higher educational institutions in India by providing facilities like applying for admissions, paying application fee, uploading documents, scheduling the interview dates and eventually the final admission offers and fees payment,all executed online ensuring a paperless admission process that parents can avail from the comfort of their homes. The simple &transparent methodology of sending/receiving messages and up dates using push notification help the teachers to perform their job easily, allows parents to have real-time access to school calendar, time table, attendance, daily home work, online fee payment, transportation and grades and enables the principal to get a bird-eye view of
all the things that are happening in the institute.

The Ease of Use
The existing apps in the corresponding genre are reviewed as convoluted with deferred application architecture that lacks technical support and training to which eZCom’s rebuttal turns to be the ease of use, the look and feel of the applications and effectiveness which not only promotes strongly on easier adoption in educational institutions but ensures that institutions continue to use these applications comprehensively. With highly scalable, secure, intuitive cloud-based platform that offers vivid range of digital services to the education space including student management, course & timetable management, human resources, admin & MIS Reports, examination management, payment management, transportation, library management, hostel management and repository, makes eZCom a one-stop-store for the modern schooling experience.

Flying Up & Above
Built on a very solid data analytics engine, the application delivers a lot of valuable insights in the performance and development of the children by continuously incorporating additional features like managing health records and integration of digital content based on the curriculum. Working on a twofold revenue setup with one being an annual service model and other based on per student per year schema, eZCom has shown a tremendous rise in revenue (nearly 60 percent) in the last quarter. As a family of solutions from SCMC Private Limited enabling digital infrastructure for educational institution, this multi-facet online education brand takes the action to UAE, Oman, Qatar and more places,and go all guns blazing to elevate their sales and business workforce with the emphasis of being the one-stop solution in the online education arena.