Kompanions: Reinventing the Education System using Modern Technology

GautamArjun, Co-Founders,Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founders

GautamArjun, Co-Founders

Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founders

The traditional school teaching methodologies are really old now. The advent of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality(VR),and gamification have brought alive mind-bending possibilities of making education fun, challenging, engaging and immersive. With the global education ‘gamification’ market fore casted to grow at a CAGR of 64.34 percent by 2019, these technologies are expected to become household assets like smartphones. Perched at the top of AR/VR-based ed-appindustry totem pole in India is Kompanions. Putting in rigorous effort, research and intelligence for over 2 years since its inception, the company has built the industry’s largest asset library comprising of educational AR/VR based content.

Kompanions boasts of a huge scope of offerings with products including AR/VR/MR based learning solutions, knowledge labs, workshops, content and more, which reaches out to parents, schools and publishing houses.“Our offerings enhance the analytical and logical skills through journeys /experiences designed to make the learner explore and
discover through self-paced journeys, make use of experiential learning experiences, encouraging the learner to think critically, and facilitating expression and creative skill building,” explains GautamArjun, Co-Founder, Kompanions.

Kompanions integrates AR/VR technologies in the curriculum for grades Nursery to eight, which maps the AR/VR journeys with the course content for various subjects and is academically mapped

Unique Services Revolutionizing Education
With all hands on deck, the company has built KUBE, a B2C educational game box that uses VR glasses, AR tracker booklets, brain boosters, activity kits, creative illustrator charts and many more learning elements to digitally stitch a learning journey for children, which stimulates over 20 skills(including curiosity, motor skills, decision making and analysis) and over 1000 knowledge points in learners. Trying to solve a three-part-issue – diagnosing & raising Brain performance in key areas, reducing gaps in learning, reasoning & aptitude/logic and providing a growth path towards continuous improvement, KUBE beautifully integrates digital components with physical elements and takes learners on a journey where one thing leads to the next,keeping them very
focused & enhancing their concentration levels.

Under B2B category, Kompanions integrates AR/VR technologies in the curriculum for grades Nursery to eight, which maps the AR/VR journeys with the course content for various subjects and is academically mapped. By this, parents can learn the know-hows of the current technologies & publishing houses can evolve faster to meet the current innovation influx. For instance, the company works with Pearson for their biggest school network curriculum called ‘My pedia’ which is the only fully integrated learning program in the country that promises measurable improvement in cognitive skills of learners in the field of Maths and Science. Kompanions has also joined hands with Presidium, Samsung, St. Soldier’s Schools and others for its product outreach.

Future Roadmap
Operating with the profound intent of revolutionizing the education industry, Kompanions is growing rapidly at an astonishing 200 percent rate annually. Thriving on emerging technologies, the company foresees a challenging but promising future. “We’re working towards doubling our workforce, spreading out geographically and foraying into non-education sectors,” reveals Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder, Kompanions. The company has a few exceptional AR and VR based product launches in the pipeline this quarter. With virtual and augmented reality technologies becoming mainstream and today’s education system in dire need of evolving,sky is the limit for Kompanions.