Child Learning: Streamlining Childcare for Parents & Teachers

GaganRana,CEO & Founder


CEO & Founder

Today’s busy schedules rarely spare time for parents to care and tutelage their toddlers as much as they ideally require. On the other hand, the dearth of primary school staffs requires teachers to multitask, leaving not enough time to dedicate & monitor a child’s behavior& learning pattern. This dubious situation has called for a solution that would enable both parents and teachers to track and work in cohesion to overcome this challenge.With focus on parent-teacher real time communication, academic administration, training and support, Child Learning Journey (CLJ) app and web portal is filling this void. CLJ is an innovative digital product of Child Learning.

With distinct apps for parents and teachers on Google Play, which require both the parties to install the application on their devices free of cost, the product creates a platform where every development of the kid can be observed, recorded and shared on real time. Parents become an integral part of child’s learning journey inside the nursery by providing feedback to teachers through mobile app/online portal. Sending digital daily dairies
and sharing pictures, videos and audios of events empower teachers to build trust with parents and showcase the brand.

CLJ product analysis team continuously focuses on requirements of the play schools and conceptualizes new features based on that

Directing the Decisive Growth Phase of Children
Bill Gates once said, “The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turns out”. The early age of a child is a crucial stage of growth which lays the foundation for what he/she might become in the future. The observations made on the activities of children of this age offer teachers and parents perceptible clues and indications about their learning & growth. “The captured magical moments in child’s early life by teachers & parents can prove to be a great asset in impacting his/her learning and long term happiness & success,” says GaganRana, CEO &Founder, Child Learning. Once the observations are made, action points to match the child’s growth with education framework milestones can be agreed upon based on the indications of these recorded moments. The application also notifies parents and teachers if the children are falling short in reaching the development milestones and thereby help eradicate any deficiency in their

The administrative responsibilities of teachers take its toll by reducing the efficiency of the institution. In opposition to social media platforms which do not suit the playschool environment, CLJ app comes with features that enhance the ease with which teachers handle their daily activities, as in the case where a single entry into the digital diary would suffice the whole class. Other built-in utilities such as fee management, messaging and record keeping makes the app a comprehensive solution, helping teachers to work according to their priorities. CLJ product analysis team continuously focuses on requirements of the play schools and conceptualizes new features based on that. The upcoming features such as Events &Learning calendar, GPS integration and automated attendance will further ease life for both parents and teachers. It also plans to roll out iOS app soon,while continuously work to improve the product & tech behind the app.

Going Ahead
Available in yearly subscription with super-fun packages of different value propositions, namely Garden, Park & Jungle, the app’s surging demand brought Child Learning 200 percent growth in the last quarter itself. The company optimistically plans to achieve 20 percent share of the Indian education app market by 2021, though it has been in operation for only a year. “We want every child we touch to be a balanced, happy, competitive and successful individual, who contribute making India and world a better place to live,” concludes Gagan.