Aster Institutions: Creating Opportunities for Students to Explore, Expand & Excel

VK Sharma,Chairman

VK Sharma


Aschool is the most essential and important aspect of a child's life. It teaches young minds valuable lessons in terms of knowledge, development, and growth. The school is also important for the social, emotional, psychological and interpersonal development of students. It makes them empathetic and responsible citizens. Every parent is sensitive to and worried for selecting an ideal school for their child's education. Aster Institutions the Senior Secondary Schools are today the best choice because of their excellent repute and the outstanding results they have delivered in the last two decades. All the schools under the Aster Institutions are co-ed day schools with classes from Pre KG to Grade XII. Having built a culture of excellence and innovation in its teaching over the years, Aster Institutions are recognized in the education industry as brand ambassadors of child development and growth in India. With the best infrastructure facilities and quality of learning, Aster is at the pinnacle in the education industry. The group strongly believes that happiness is the key to a fruitful learning experience and its school environment promises to train students into being lifelong learners with innovative thinking. As one of the best educational institutions, Aster Institutions impart value-based education and inculcate cultural awareness too in students. These factors have made Asterites highly valued professionals and leaders contributing to making the world happy, peaceful, tolerant and progressive.

Aster's Excellent Track record Says It All....
Aster's breathtakingly beautiful campuses that befriend both flora and fauna help students to learn amidst the lush green and serene environment. There is a well-balanced approach towards academics and co-curricular activities. Aster boasts of a highly qualified and trained faculty, top-class sporting facilities, and numerous activities and programs, something that has ensured excellence in all three arenas academics, sports, and art. Aster Institutions' excellent and unparalleled academic education offers a blend of modern and traditional teaching frameworks that are well integrated with the curricula and scholastic subjects. With its exemplary interdisciplinary teaching, the group imparts education with the latest technologies like Wi-Fi, equipment like computers, smart boards, projectors, and other devices that make learning interactive, fun, enthusiastic and experiential. Practical knowledge is imparted in science laboratories, computer rooms and even its libraries are well furnished with the latest technology and modern equipment. Through its extraordinary teaching techniques, the institutions engage students and help them develop knowledge, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, insight, and a passion for learning. "Skills-based education with the use of advanced technology is the way to future success, and we at Aster Institutions understand this. Our entire pedagogy revolves around making our students complete individuals through a well-rounded education system and the excellent outcome is seen in the outstanding results of our students in all competitive examinations and the selection of our sportsmen in most sports nationally and internationally," says VK Sharma, Chairman, Aster Institutions.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun
Aster Institutions creates an environment that encourages its students to think out-of-the-box and come up with new ideas, strategies, and plans to put their newfound knowledge into action resulting in making them better thinkers. The group encourages students not to fear mistakes but see them as opportunities for growth. Creative thinking
is a key skill for the future, and Aster Institutions help students tap into their creative potential and showcase their creativity throughout the school environment. The group always inspires students to innovate and achieve. "Our approach towards imparting education is innovative and unique. We use visual learning techniques with explicit instructions along with technological integration. It helps our students develop fine and gross motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision making ability with the judgment for risk taking and creative inventions and innovations," he adds.

Aster Institutions' work towards the mission of ensuring that every Asterian has the support and gets opportunities to evolve learn, and excel in their classrooms and campus in a school environment where they belong and thriv

A core component of holistic education at the institutions is the extra curricular and co-curricular activities that shape the development of students. They are instrumental in honing talents and developing social skills critical thinking, and teamwork. All the schools have an array of extracurricular and co-curricular activities for the benefit of the students. All students have to participate in most activities in both categories to identify and sharpen their multidimensional skills, which is a great way to explore their interests and develop new ones.

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The Guiding Light for the Next Generation
Education brings opportunities of unlimited learning. Education changes your ordinary today into a successful tomorrow. Education connects people together on right path and encourages good thoughts and talent. Education fills the empty mind with good thoughts and talent. And to impart education and we needs teacher and their wisdom and knowledge and their importance can never be overestimated. Teacher and staff at Aster Institutions are caring, enthusiastic, and highly qualified educators who have, over a period of time built healthy relationships with both students and their parents. The group is committed to the development of skills and knowledge of its role models through various knowledge & skill-based programs and workshops conducted regularly. Motivation, recognition, honours, and regular appraisal of teachers and support staff is one of the hallmarks of the institutions, which helps in having a very creative, positive, and happy ambience in classrooms and on the campus. Aster Institutions' work towards a mission of ensuring that every Asterian has the support and gets opportunities to evolve, learn, and excel in their classrooms and campus in a school environment where they belong and thrive.