APU American International School: A New Path to Pursue Education Abroad

Pursuing higher education in the United States has been the dream of almost every generation. However, not every student gets the opportunity to accomplish his/her dream, and the barriers could be a lack of student's potential, guidance, financial crises, and more. Established in 2004 in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, APU American International School assists students aspiring to higher education in the US. The international school operates with the motto “Pathway to US Education” APU American International School offers opportunities to students keen on getting admitted to universities in the US and abroad. The school's rich base of sister and partner institutions in the US enables flexible scholarship opportunities. APU also counsels with parents and students in the study abroad college admissions process. Its innovative solutions allow flexible options for students who could otherwise not afford to study abroad.
Dr. Binh Tran , CEO
APU American International School(APU)and the University of Missouri Kansas City(UMKC) have partnered to develop a unique accelerated program for high school students and recent graduates in Vietnam. Students accepted into the College Bridge Program(CBP) or Dual Enrolments Program can earn a semester a year or more US university credits while attending high school at APU or as a recent high school graduate. In these ways, APU has continuously participated in the economic development of Vietnam by offering highquality education to K-12 learners.

After tasting success in Ho Chi Minh, APU American International School opened in Da Nang City in 2015. The school offers the APU quality and brand in the Central region of Vietnam. APU Da Nang opened its doors to more than 280 students from ten different nationalities. Building on the success of APU, a long process led to the conception of the first American style University, located in the same Danang campus The American University in Vietnam AUV. As APU has continued to expand, in 2020-2021 the International School introduced the Bilingual Program.

APU's Driving Factor
APU has established various pathways toward graduation. Admissions diagnostic assessments that regulate placement and alignment of equitable opportunities as well as appropriate course placement. For instance, World class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA), Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), College Bridge Program (CBP), English Language Development (ELD), after school tutorials, reading intervention and homework help. The elementary school has a traditional homeroom structure where the teacher handles core content teaching and learning. At the secondary school the school manages and evaluates and course schedules for all students. To foster a sense of community there is a K-12 Student Council, House System and Counselor Course. Also, the K-5 curriculum follows the CCSS and is explained in English. NGSS in science and AERO in SS, Grade 9-12 course are college preparatory, including Advanced Placement. The school
protocol ensures its ability to assess evaluate data and regularly communicate to all stakeholders using MAP(3 times a year)and WIDA(ELD) data. Teachers use this data to give instruction that leads to greater student academic achievement such as MAP, WIDA, report cards.

Advancements with the Curriculum
The Mission, Vision, and ESLR's were established to stimulate the school's purpose, which was initially to provide a pathway to American Education after high school. However, now it has developed into a grander ideal to prepare our students for continuing education in the United States, with the hope that many would return to Vietnam and take on leadership roles in the community for good.

Thus, curriculum evaluation and implementation would focus on high expectations that would prepare students for future career and post secondary learning. Greater Path ways for individual learning were offered to the students. Alongside, SAT Math and English preparatory courses and TOEFL classes were offered to college bound students. The foreign languages program was increased from Spanish and French to include Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, German and Vietnamese for foreign students, and the AP program was implemented with six courses Calculus AB and BC, Computer Science Principles, Environmental Science, Human Geography, and World History

After tasting success in Ho Chi Minh, APU American International School opened in Da Nang City in 2015.The school offers the APU quality and brand in the Central region of Vietnam

Furthermore, the College Bridge Program was expanded to allow for a more diverse course catalog, especially as more students began choosing this option in favor of moving to the USA due to COVID. ELD program CCSS, WIDA and TESOL Standards. K-5 CCSS.2.6 focusing on the California Curriculum has always been a priority. And as such, resources have been purchased that mirror our sister school in Saigon that aligned to the curriculum of California.

APU has also consistently focused on hiring teachers with a background in delivering an American standards education.

APU's Future Ideas
Sustainability: The school is committed to investing in a sustainable green campus to foster learning planet friendly habits, which aligns with the school's updated Purpose Statement in displaying “empathy, altruism and community service”

Personalized Care: APU intends to provide a personalized experience for students with learning needs, college and career guidance, and social and emotional support.

Stakeholder Engagement: The last strategic theme relates to stakeholder engagement. The school will work to increase stakeholder engagement by improving methods of using focused digital tools for outreach.

Commenting on APU's alumni's success the CEO of APU American Inter national School, Dr. Binh Tran, says proudly, “Every time I hear a graduate made the Dean's List at one of the world's most prestigious universities, I am reminded that APU and AUV graduates have always shown their confidence.”