• What if Not IIMs B-School Survey - 2022
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    What if Not IIMs B-School Survey - 2022

    The business culture has just undergone a significant upheaval, necessitating a tough ascent in the hierarchy on the part of the firm and its workers. The human race is hard-wired to pursue a fulfilling profession. Transitioning from one stage to another is just as crucial as moving up the success ladder. We obviously mean switching. The paths of entrepreneurship frequently intersect. An entrepreneur is a change agent, for starters. The process of coming up with innovative methods to combine resources is called entrepreneurship. Therefore, resources are crucial for illuminating the path while one is engaged in the process.


Understanding The Merits Of Blended Learning

Dr.Tripti Singh, Chief Learning officer & Dr.Geetika Malik Chandra, Lead Content(Research & Analysis), Centum Learning Limited

The Evolution Of Online Learning

Anupama Raman, Global Head Software Academy, Continental Automotive India

What Businesses Should Know Before Investing In Digital Assets

Prof. Shankar Prakash & Prof. Moumita Tiwari, IIM Udaipur

Border Opening Supports International Students To Study Abroad

Karan Lalit, Regional Director, Study Group India