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  • 10 Most Promising AI Training Institutes - 2019

    Several researches reveal that the global artificial intelligence (AI) market is forecasted to reach nearly $18 billion by 2022. Needless to say, day-by-day, AI is becoming smarter following enhancement in machine learning and deep learning algorithms, humongous amounts of Big Data on which these algorithms can be trained, and the phenomenal boost in computing power. India along with US, Germany, China and Israel are the nations with the highest penetration of AI skills among their workforce (LinkedIn report). As per report, the software industry continues to be top sector for AI experts while growth is also seen predominately in education, hardware and network, finance, and manufacturing industries. Also, it has been seen that the employer demand for AI skills has been...

10 Most Promising AI Training Institutes - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AI Statics Solutions AI Statics Solutions Prajyot Patil, Founder A comprehensive software training institute providing AI courses to corporate employees & students with integrated expert assists for demo sessions, resume building, placement and more
Analytics Path Analytics Path Makkena Ashok & Buchibabu Podila, Directors Proffering integrated training courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning with real-time knowledge of tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analyzing and interpreting data
Apponix Technologies Apponix Technologies Praveen Halakurki, Co-Founder & CEO, Pradeep Narayan, Co-Founder & MD Providing courses that prepares students for the bigger world, the institute also guides students who are doubtful about selecting their career
Brain Mentors Brain Mentors Ekta Gupta, Founder Offering data science courses with a mission to link the IT industry with the educational institutions to prepare industry ready professionals
Brainswig Edutech Brainswig Edutech R.Dinesh Babu & Anusha Dinesh Babu, Managing Directors Provides a comprehensive range of professional analytics programs designed to customization to make professionals industry ready
Edvancer Edvancer Lalit Sachan, Co-Founder Providing data science, machine learning and AI training courses delivered by experienced industry veterans at a reasonable cost, across all metros of India
ExcelR ExcelR Ram Tavva, Director An AI institute that works with the aim to create the future ready AI professionals through its online and offline courses crafted by industry experts
InsAnalytics InsAnalytics Goutam Das, CEO & Chief Data Scientist Offering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training courses at a structured learning environment to develop cutting-edge skills in high-demand areas of business analytics for individual participants or through institutional engagements
Inventateq Inventateq Safura Begum, CEO With the strong backing from trainers who have more than decades of relevant expertise and knowledge in their respective fields, the institute moulds future-ready professionals through its tech-heavy courses
Marsian Marsian Manoranjan Dash, Co-Founder & CEO Pioneer in imparting classroom training courses on data science, big data, machine learning & AI, using cutting-edge tools for hands-on learning experiences, delivered by passionate data scientist trainers