Training inCorporate: Offering an Amazing Learning Experience Enroute to Self-Actualization

Navaz Hilloowala, Founder & Course Director,Jehan Hilloowala, Director
There are hundreds of training companies in India. Each clamouring for recognition. How can they become leaders? How can they stand out from the rest of the pack? The multifaceted training company Training inCorporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (TrginC) seem to have answered these questions quite effectively.

It gets rid of all the bells and whistles that seem to have permeated the industry. TrginC makes promises that it keeps, it trains with heart and quality is their middle name. Its sincerity resonates with its clients who call the company even when they move to other organisations. That is definitive proof of its achievements. Its achievements are also a result of its work culture which offers custom-built training courses. If you were to ask a participant what the one thing is that you really enjoyed – they would find it difficult to voice only one. Aspects that they call out are – fun, very participative, energetic, enthusiasticn trainers, the relevance to work, the application of real-time work scenarios during the programme. And this list goes on.

The Experts
The organization was founded as a full-time learning and development consultancy firm in 2005 under the creative energy of Navaz Hilloowala (Founder & Course Director). She brings to the table her experience of over 30+ years as a former theatre artist and as a teacher/trainer. She has also worked for over 20-years with the British Council as a corporate trainer and examiner for various Cambridge University exams. Each year she insists on upskilling herself. As a result she’s added - DISC, Coaching (International Coaching Federation-ICF), NLP, Legal English, Quiet Leadership, Sales, Creativity, Customer Experience, to name a few of the qualifications she has collected along the way.
She is supported by Jehan Hilloowala, Director, Training incorporate, who is in-charge of strategizing and business development. Under his able leadership over the past 10 years, the organization has gained not only a national but also international presence. He added an outlook of 40:20:40 (Pre-training: Training: Post-training) using the Guided Discovery Method (GDM). The promises he’s made and promises he’s kept, has gained the trust of many companies – two of the big four being part of their regular client list.

This Mumbai-based training institution offers communication, soft-skills and leadership training courses focusing on delivery formats of outbound, in person classroom, one-on-one executive coaching and virtual classrooms. So how do they work? Applying their model (40:20:40), the first 40 percent applies to pre-training interaction such a training need analysis, design and assessments of the participants. This could even be in the form of an ESAT survey to find out the real pain points that the employees are facing. Then 20 percent of its focus in on the delivery of the programme and the final 40 percent is on the all important post programme support and motivation for the learners to apply the change they experienced during the workshop.

We inspire and design our own in-house innovative exercises or experiences, which creates a space to rehearse leadership strategies

Engaging Innovative Learning Tools
Needless to say, PowerPoint or the old fashioned chalkand- talk approaches are in no-way relevant to today’s managers. “We inspire and design our own in-house innovative exercises or experiences, which creates a space to rehearse leadership strategies,” states Jehan. The ‘gamification’ of the concepts, engages the participants who then automatically internalize the concepts. Another interesting delivery element is Training Actors where they arrange role-play sessions with professional actors. This enables a ‘simulation’ of the situation that the trainee wishes to practice. Very often at the end of this simulation the participants will respond with “Oh my God! It was like my manager was talking to me just now!”. Another teaching-tool it uses frequently is ‘Total Physical Response’ (TPR); this uses physical movements with verbal inputs which helps the learners transfer information from their short term to long term memory in an engaging way.

Clocking a decent 20 percent growth (both in terms of the topline and the bottom line), it is on a strong growth trajectory. It is in the process of launching a truly interactive e-Learning platform next year. This platform will effectively mimic the face-to-face learning experience that is unique at Training inCorporate.

Navaz summarises the ethos of the organisation, “Teaching, training and facilitating is not a profession, it is a calling. We are empowered to build or destroy the people we train. And today it is so difficult to find trainers with heart. My dream is to setup a training college for facilitators so we can develop an army of people who care.”