Pitch Perfect India: Creating NexGen of Sales Professionals

Jeet Vadher, Founder

Jeet Vadher


During his professional stint, Jeet Vadher (Founder, Pitch Perfect India) attended various sales training programs and realized that in India, most of such training companies focus more on sales process and less on sales techniques. He also found a void of such companies who invest in reinforcement of training that can deliver RoI to companies and the learners. “In late 2016, I came across offerings of Train ‘n Gain sales and leadership app; we call it blended training, i.e. classroom training powered by state-of-the-art mobile learning platform,” reminisces Jeet. In 2017, he collaborated with Train ‘n Gain and started Pitch Perfect India(PPI) as its exclusive India representative.

This collaboration made PPI the first company in India to offer reinforcement through one of the world’s best micro learning app for sales, developed and conceptualized by Train ‘n Gain. This enables PPI to focus on improving sales communication skills and techniques through role plays and activities, which makes the training more engaging, realistic and effective, all minus presentations and handouts.

Cut-to-Fit Training Courses
The institute has carved three programs Economy (an online sales training program for learners who practice commercial profession), Professional (an open classroom sales training supplemented with online tools; best for individual salespeople or
smaller team, who want to control all sales conversations to perfection), and Premium (classroom+online training program that is customized in company sales training; best for sales team with specific training needs). These blended training courses, with live webinars and a micro learning app, help reinforce training, and the techniques can be applied to sell any product or service thus resulting in better RoI.

The training covers all stages of commercial conversation with customers, and teaches sales professionals to control conversation throughout the sales cycle. Emphasizing on non verbal communication too, the program trains them how to adjust their communication style as per the customers, which helps in building rapport and to gain their trust.

Having a huge library of recorded role-play and activities, the training further becomes more realistic, effective and efficient

Learning on the Move
Sustainability means constant learning. But the most critical quandary for any professional today is time. Hence, with Train ‘n Gain, PPI offers the best answer. People can use its micro learning sales app to learn new sales techniques every day from any where, anytime by investing less than five minutes. They can also use it to reinforce what they have already learnt or to take the monthly challenge to compete with sales professionals across the world. “Having a huge library of recorded role-play and activities, the training further becomes more realistic, effective and efficient,” explains Jeet. This enables PPI to help companies recruit best sales people PAN India. It even offers sales consulting services to startups and SMEs.

Alongside, Paul Smulders’ (founder of Train ‘n Gain) and PPI co-founder Radha Vadher’s vast experience combined with PPI’s vision to provide world class training at an affordable price plays a major role in turning the sales table. PPI further keeps adding new training topics with time and constantly improves the app to make it more user-friendly, engaging and relevant. Paul constantly upgrades with new short, realistic videos of do’s and don’ts to his library of 700 videos.

The company willsoon be offering sales certifications for lead generation, inside sales and field sales specialists. With the mission to create employment opportunities for those who have passion to sell, are good communicators and who believe in themselves, PPI is enabling a new line of employable skills. PPI will further start delivering leadership skills training for people managers in India, which will also be powered by e-training.