MILT Training Foundation: A Pioneer in Empowering Sales PRO Professionals with Behavioural Training

Daniel Jacob,Trainer & Facilitator

Daniel Jacob

Trainer & Facilitator

In a competitive & complex business scenario where a customer ‘knows it all’, a salesperson must earn a place of honor and authority. A scientific training provides the sales personnel with the impetus to adopt new ways to handle the ever growing challenges and help transform an ordinary salesperson with a vendor approach to a professional consultative approach. Being the only Indian among a host of multi-national trainers to have won the most coveted world’s best trainer award in the Dale Carnegie Associates, Aporesh Acharya identified this dire need decades ago and pioneered a training revolution in India, laying down the foundation of MILT(McGrath Institute of Leadership Trainer) Training Foundation in 1977.

Unique Curriculum
Dedicatedly managed by Daniel Jacob (Trainer & Facilitator), the institute offers training courses namely MILT Leadership Course (MLC), MILT Sales Pro Course (High-five Steps to Selling) and MILT Management Course, which are structured based on the very concept of behavioural sciences by the world’s most celebrated experts in human psychology & training. Provided under the banner of IDJ Associates (founded by Daniel Jacob),its Sales Pro Training course is an intensive training intervention divided into five steps building rapport (exchanging pleasantries, complimenting & framing sales-trigger statement), inducing interest (creating a strong value proposition, getting information on impact factors & gauging
opportunities for business), presenting the product/ service (clarity on facts & benefits and using evidence to gain credibility), stimulating desire (creating a word-picture, asking assertion questions and weighing pros & cons) and clinching the deal (identifying buying signals, using weighing closes & trial closes, understanding different types of objections and smoking out hidden objections).

Staying updated with technology, MILT delivers Sales Pro workshop blending instructorled workshop for activity-based learning and e-learning for self-learning resulting in better internalization

This uniquely designed curriculum enables the direct sales participants to explore new and better ways to sell their products or services. Educating them about understanding the customer’s buying nature & the motivation behind buying and then introducing the product in a competitive classroom atmosphere as well as practically in a stiffer competitive market place, MILT in stils in them personal & organizational skill-sets which are quite professional. Staying updated with technology, MILT delivers Sales Pro workshop blending instructorled workshop for activity based learning and e-learning for selflearning, resulting in better internalization.

Started his professional career as a sales executive, Daniel has worked with someleading sales organizations before joining MILT, where he underwent MILT Leadership Training and became a certified & accredited trainer by Aporesh Acharya. Renowned for proficiently conducting sales & marketing training workshops for individuals and corporate houses, Daniel has won many awards & recognitions for outstanding performances in his chosen field and has written many books on topics like Emotional Competence, Igniting Insights, Sales PRO and many more. Daniel emphasizes, “The right kind of sales training can hardly be an exclusive classroom situation, for it needs to be a training program that comprises a scientifically sequenced participative learning sessions”.

Growing Ahead
In this exponentially growing Indian market, where the pace of consumerization is only expected to gain further momentum, MILT with offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, & Mumbai, and anticipates a steadygrowth. MILT has not just made a significant contribution to the training industry, but has also been making a meaningful difference in the lives of the deprived section through MILT Snehalaya since 1988, a loving, caring & sharing home for destitute children in four cities.