Leadership Management International: Transforming Employees into Leaders of Tomorrow

Ashok Thussu, Co-Founder

Ashok Thussu


Effective Leadership is the driving force behind any organization’s success. With the 21st century experiencing more and more competition across industries every day, the demand for exceptional visionary leaders who can turn ideas into goals and goals into achievements is paramount.

However, the majority of training courses are purely transactional in nature, whereby participants still lack the ability and motivation to execute their learnings. Bridging this gap to produce leaders capable of transforming organizations into high-performance powerhouses is Leadership Management Internationala Texas-based organization founded in 1966. With a legacy of over 6 decades, LMI has been a coveted leadership skills development organization, with a global presence. Since 1995, the firm has established its operations in India under the leadership of Dr. Hiru Bijlani, revamping the Indian corporate landscape by facilitating result-oriented leadership development.

LMI’s Transformational Impact
LMI is renowned for its holistic approach to leadership development that creates a multi-level transformational impact. This approach revolves around the Total Leader concept, which stands as a testament to the firm’s commitment to empowering individuals and organizations.

By emphasizing the establishment and integration of foundational levels, beginning with Personal Productivity at the core, LMI focuses on enhancing all competencies. This unique approach ensures that people evolve into genuine leaders by addressing deficiencies while nurturing strengths. Moving through Personal Leadership, Motivational Leadership, and Strategic
Leadership, clients and organizations benefit from alignment of personal missions with business goals, engagement enhancement, and effective strategy execution.

LMI's approach transcends conventional HR practices. The EPP program, for instance, addresses over 15 levers, aiming to bridge competency gaps and enhance existing strengths. LMI's comprehensive approach ensures that clients not only learn 'what to do' but also 'how to do', setting them on a path to extraordinary development which in turn translates into tangible results putting the organization on the path of continued growth.

“The need to bridge the gap between knowing and doing is huge and we have been successful as our process applies very well to large, medium and small businesses across sectors. We are people specialists and tune up the individual to peak performance so sector agnostic”, shares Ashok Thussu, Co-Founder of LMI.

The need to bridge the gap between knowing & doing is huge & we have been successful as our process applies very well to large, medium & small businesses across sectors

LMI stands out in the world of training and development by recognizing the limitations of transactional models. Rather than simply imparting knowledge and skills, LMI focuses on the vital element of application. The team understands that true change and tangible results come from applying learned knowledge, experiencing facilitative coaching, and nurturing the desire for improvement. This unique approach not only yields clear ROI for organizations but also enhances an individual's work-life balance across all areas of life, setting LMI apart as a catalyst for profound and holistic transformation.

Future Roadmap

“LMI’s vision is ‘To improve the World, by improving people and organizations, one at a time'. We have touched over 2 million lives and are living the vision by doing more and more. This aligns with our mission to ‘Through our programs we will facilitate every client to progressively realize their predetermined and worth while personal goals in all areas of lives'”, adds Ashok Thussu.

LMI is charting an exciting future, as the firm is set to launch a new program on Mentoring and Coaching by the end of 2024. With a clear vision in place, LMI is poised to touch even more lives, continuing its legacy of making a positive difference. The organization's goals include ambitious plans to recruit 100 additional LMI Licensed partners, further expanding its reach and influence. This journey is driven by a commitment to empower individuals and organizations, making the future brighter and more promising as LMI is brimming with opportunities and transformative potential.