Marg Business Transformation: Transforming Leaders & Organizations To Be Future Ready Through Customized Interventions

Sudeshna B Roy,   CEOGrowth is directly proportional to effective leadership. In today’s day and age where technology trends and digitalization have brought in a sea of change across business and economy globally, leadership has a great deal to attend to. Today, faced with consistent changes and disruption in processes, many organizations are significantly emphasizing and investing in leadership development & training.

While employees and organizations are rooted in a strong culture of learning & sharing knowledge, leaders are necessarily building on their skills and capabilities to achieve growth and leadership success. According to the Corporate Leadership Training Market research, even the global Corporate Leadership training market is observing the change rising from a value of $6990.7 million in 2022 to expectedly touch $15282.36 million by 2028, registering a CAGR of 13.92 percent.

Today, there is a horde of companies exercising in this industry and boosting this graph, but, Marg Business Transformation (Marg) stands differentiated. Outnumbering the competition, this Leadership Development Training and Consulting firm is envisioned to help organizations navigate challenges around building Change as a Capability, Cultural Transformation, financial consulting and leadership development.

First incepted as a Financial Consulting firm in 2007, and broadening its reach to the Leadership Development and Training field in 2013, Marg today helps many to gauge their organizational and individual growth by seeking its dynamic offerings, respective of leadership and organization as a whole. The idea of Marg emerged from the shared dream of developing businesses by empowering their leaders and employees, hence enabling cultural transformation within organizations it also makes an anti-fragile setup for employees for change and leadership success. The only plus that this firm has is its deep passion for helping clients realize their inherent potential by leveraging actionable tools that create a lasting impact.

With a PAN-India presence and over 16 years of experience offering clients unique training programs through its professional team of experts, Marg has been a pioneer in helping accelerate business performance for clients in areas such as change management, cultural transformation, business strategy, and leadership development.

Over time, the firm has conducted over 2000 training sessions, dealt with over 750+ corporates from across 25+ industries, and trained over 2,00,000 professionals. “Marg is a corporate training and consulting firm deeply enrooted in solving its client problems specific to organizational growth and leadership/ people development. We cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to deliver brilliant results implying the wealth of experience that we hold across diverse sectors. We are committed to helping drive organizational success by helping our clients solve their problems”, says Sudeshna B Roy, CEO, Marg Business Transformation.

The upside of Marg is its credible training programs and modules that rightly bolster leadership and organizational success. “We specialize in change management, leadership training, and culture transformation, including financial consulting. Being in the market, we know what industry leaders/organizations struggle with, and hence our approach is always practical and not academic”, shares Sudeshna.

For Leadership development and training, Marg applies a one-of-a-kind approach that helps top leaders to cruise complex challenges of today’s business landscape develop leadership skills, and experience personal growth. The leadership training
program at Marg equips the leaders’ decision-making and interpersonal skills prolifically and helps in reaping increased productivity, talent retention, improving culture, and increasing agility. For a peek into its training process, there are four categorizations: PROSCI Change Management (People, Change, Results), Emergenetics, The Human Synergistics program, and Finance Training. Through the PROSCI program, Marg leads the change management training for corporates. “At MARG, we realize that for change management to be successful, merely working with project management and doing the technical tasks won’t work. To minimize negative outcomes, you need to primarily work to efficiently deploy change and business strategies.

Marg is the authorized affiliate for PROSCI in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. PROSCI is the global leader when it comes to change management. What makes PROSCI different is their field-tested best practices which are based on insights of thousands of change leaders over two decades and their easy-to-use models and tools to apply change management practices. PROSCI uses the ADKAR Model which focuses on individual change guiding individuals through a particular change and addressing any roadblocks or barrier points along the way. As the leading expert in change management, Marg can help you implement changes and get the most from your organizational changes operationally, culturally, and financially. We offer certifications, training, and consulting solutions in this space”, says Sudeshna.

Marg’s Emergenetics Profile Assessment program is the perfect tool to assess and understand an individual’s thoughts and behavioral patterns. The leaders can ideally build their personal power, and understanding and improve their communication & performance using the Emergenetics tool. Furthermore, its Human Synergistics program helps leaders enable a culture that boosts development through a top-down approach. In the process, if organizations need to drive engagement, bringing about innovation and performance growth along with culture transformation amongst the leaders, its Leadership 360 Tool is the ideal option.

With a Pan-India presence & over 16 years of experience offering clients unique training programs through its professional team of experts, Marg has been a pioneer in helping accelerate business performance for clients in areas such as change management, cultural transformation, business strategy, & leadership development

Relatively, on the flip side, finance is the core of any business. As the function of finance keeps changing, Marg as a leader in financial education is right there to empower the leaders amidst organizations with the latest, relevant finance knowledge that client businesses need to stay ahead of the competitors. Marg provides finance training for both- finance and non-finance professionals through its certified and expert trainers possessing current & updated financial insights.

Well, that is not all, Marg’s dynamic model ‘Golden Circle of Marg’ has a promising role play in Leadership development and training here. This model systematically leads the process of leadership development and training at Marg by ‘challenging today & co-creating tomorrow’. The ‘Golden Circle of Marg’ starts operating around ‘Why’ and leads further delineating ‘How’ and ‘What’. First, with ‘Why’ Marg endeavors to understand the talent through its ‘T’ Shaped Business Expertise applying ‘vertical expertise’ (enabling talent across different functions) and horizontal expertise (leveraging a gamut of experience in all sectors); to build capabilities at employee, team & organizational level through strong strategy, process, change capability & talent & DEI solutions, and imbibing global best practices and well-researched talent solutions.

Marg Business Transformation considers its client’s agenda as its goal and thus navigates complex problems bringing about cultural transformation, rather than climate to boost people, teams, and leaders. Also, acting as a trusted talent advisor, it deeply listens and analyzes talent needs to provide holistic talent solutions that address the root cause/challenges and create impact.

The ‘How’ and ‘What’ is a step to learning different personas through different learning styles. Engaging talent with different personas, Marg enables different forms of interactive learning, bringing into use the diverse applications used in the work world. The facilitators onboarded by the company possess 10+ years of prior industry experience/exposure. While the company’s catalog of offerings and learning programs are designed to meet the clients’ latest needs with a future-focused approach, the products used by it in the process are also globally renowned such as Primary Affiliate of PROSCI (CM), Emergenetics (Profiling on thinking and behavioural preferences), and Human Synergistics (Deep Dive into your Organizational Culture). The company partners with clients to build a strong business solution with a focus on continuous improvement and constant feedback. Here, learner harmony is also considered important.

Future Roadmap
Marg is committed to adding value to the consistently challenged leadership gamut and businesses, and thus having observed organic growth all along aims to become India’s most preferred leadership training & talent enablement partner. From an operational standpoint, it will focus on expanding further to Mexico and Qatar to enter the international markets.