Hisuccess Consulting & Training: Empowering Next-Gen Leaders & Managers for Sustainable Individuals & Business Excellence

  Kamalakannan V,    Executive Director

Kamalakannan V

Executive Director

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, the role of adaptable and skilled leaders is paramount. Success hinges on their ability to navigate the present, envision the future, and strategically address gaps between where they are and where they want to be. This is where the expertise of corporate training and consulting/coaching firms becomes indispensable in order to accelerate their journey in converting vision into reality in most economical, smart and sustainable manner.

Hisuccess Consulting services is a distinguished and globally certified firm based in Chennai founded in 2012. The company’s seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge & wisdom (a perfect blend of eastern philosophies & western strategies) to the forefront, promising not just success, but a transformative journey to sustainable continuous growth.

Hisuccess’s core services - coaching, training and consulting in Employees and Organizational Development in leadership Development, Sales Mastery and Career Development with ease on fast-track mode at affordable cost using Timeless wisdom and Growth Hack strategies.

Amidst myriad options, choose Hisuccess Consulting and Training for a partnership that goes beyond conventional consulting & Training. Elevate clients’ leadership & Management staff, empower clients’ workforce, and secure a future defined by unparalleled & sustainable success. Enterprises seeking to achieve results with a transformative edge turn to specialists’ consultants & Trainers capable of tailoring strategies, pinpointing gaps, and orchestrating personalized training, consulting & coaching engagements.
Established in 2012 by Kamalakanna V, Hisuccess stands tall as a beacon of innovation and excellence in consulting and training services. Catering to diverse sectors such as technology, engineering, government, Service Industries, Manufacturing sector, hospitals, education, and non-profit organizations, Hisuccess is committed to providing tailored & sustainable solutions to both businesses and individuals in cost effective manner on fast track mode

Beyond its ISO 9001-2008 certification, Hisuccess is distinguished for its multifaceted approach. In addition to consulting and training services, the organization excels in coaching and counselling. Kamalakannan V, the Executive Director of Hisuccess, affirms their commitment to developing innovative ideas that address the unique needs of clients.

At the heart of Hisuccess lies a trifecta of core services: coaching, training & consulting in Human Capital Development

Reflecting on the company’s inception, Kamalakannan shares his early commitment to continuous upskilling. This dedication extended to the entire team, fostering an environment of continuous improvement, adaptability and sustainable growth. Drawing from these experiences, Kamalakannan envisioned and built Hisuccess, an organization driven by the pursuit of excellence.

Unlike conventional leadership models, the organization doesn’t adhere to a full-time leadership team; instead, it strategically collaborates with industry veterans, infusing a diverse range of expertise into its services.

At the heart of Hisuccess lies a trifecta of core services: coaching, training and consulting. The coaching program, a personalized 12-week one on-one journey, is tailored for leaders and aspirants seeking a transformative experience in solving their problems or goals realization. Addressing the needs of CXOs, Management Executives and equivalent roles, the weekly sessions delve deep into individual and organizational goals, aligning aspirations with strategic objectives. Hisuccess doesn’t merely fix issues or helps to realize the goals; but also it empowers individuals by enriching their thought processes and bringing about eternal transformed life in every way.

The pandemic spurred a significant shift in Hisuccess’ business model. Formerly reliant on in-person services, the organization swiftly adapted to the new normal. Embracing online delivery, they’ve navigated the digital landscape with finesse. Kamalakannan notes, “We’ve pivoted toward digital marketing to reach and serve target clients, adapting the company’s approach to suit the changing market landscape”.