Inventateq: Making Learners Industry Ready with Quality Courses

Safura Begum,CEOOne of the biggest factors that hold back India’s development is unemployment. According to a recent study, Indian unemployment stood at 6.1 percent in the financial year 2018 and this is the highest over the past 45 years. The increasing number of graduates in the country and the increasing gap between what the employers are looking for and what the students have to offer stands as a major reason why the percentage of unemployment stands so high. The only way to get employed in the future is by adopting a job or employment centric education system.

A pioneering institute that has been helping students to get jobs by providing them job oriented education is Inventateq. The institute provides certification training courses that increase the employability of the students. Inventateq is a powerhouse offering a wide range of courses such as Big Data Hadoop Course, Data Science and Training, Best Devops Training, Amazon Web Services, Python and Django Training, RPA Tools Training, and Web Development Training, along with courses on AI, ML,Java Developing and Blockchain. These courses showcase Inventateq’s unique ability to understand the growing trends in the world.

Courses that Creates Industry Experts
The institute offers training and certification
courses in these future trends, which can help the students to get employment opportunities outside conventional jobs. All these courses are strate-gically developed by industry experts keeping in mind the future needs and requirements. Inventateq has strong backing from trainers who have more than decades of relevant expertise and knowledge in their respective fields. The trainers use methods such as case studies, learning by doing and assignments to help the students get a clear understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of a concept. The courses are designed in such a way that it promotes application-based learning, allowing students to get a first hand experience about the various applications and implementations of a specific topic. “The students can choose topics between banking, retail, healthcare, sports, entertainment, and e-Commerce for their group projects which are industry-specific and this also helps the student to get a basic idea about how the industry works,”explains Safura Begum, CEO, Intentateq.

When it comes to supporting its students to get employed, Inventateq goes the extra mile and the institute has created various programs and support teams to make sure that not even a single student is left out. Inventateq’s ‘Mentor Connect’ program helps the students to get exclusive one-on-one instructor guidance. When it comes to preparing the students for the interviews and other job related exams, there are dedicated student support teams which provide help to the students beyond the classroom hours where students also help each other out. Inventateq also conducts regular mock exams and simulated interviews to make the students fully prepared and confident while they are attending a real interview or exam.

Inventateq has strong backing from trainers who have more than decades of relevant expertise and knowledge in their respective fields

Inventateq’s unique approach when it comes to designing a curriculum and training its students, has definitely got the attention of companies both big and small. Some of the organizations which recruit students from Inventateq include Flipkart, Sandisk, TCS, ITC, and Infotech. By focusing on its core values of creating value, earning trust, delivering results, exceeding expectations, and empowering people, Inventateq is planning to develop further from its four branches in Bangalore to more centers across various cities in order to provide quality education to students, which will help them to get more employable.