Elysian Inspires: Bringing out Your True Potential to succeed in Life

Prabha Rajan,Founder & Certified Consultant

Prabha Rajan

Founder & Certified Consultant

In today's increasingly competitive world, children face a variety of challenges, but they are gradually discovering that they want to pursue a career in which they are passionate. However, most students are unable to identify this passion, and for that reason, they need some reliable technique to figure out their job interests. This is where Career counseling bears enormous significance in the student's life, which can simply turn this scenario into a ‘cake-walk’ for them.

Elysian is one such career counseling organization established in 2015 by PrabhaRajan, a certified Multiple Intelligence Test Consultant, and Trainer. Prabha has a postgraduate degree in commerce and has worked in the corporate world for over ten years. After completing her post graduation she decided to travel abroad for her career progression and worked in senior positions with numerous multinational corporations. During this time, she continued to hone her counseling abilities and offer counselling to anyone who needed it. When she returned to India in 2007, she decided to establish her own company, HR Inc to assist job seekers in finding their dream jobs. Having counseled and placed hundreds of candidates, she witnessed a gap between the skills and the job. This drove her to delve more into it in order to discover a solution to fill the gap in professionalizing job seekers in their pursuit of a dream job. This prompted her to establish Elysian Inspires with the mission of Inspiring Intelligence after doing an in-depth study to identifying one's genuine passion.
Elysian Inspires uses scientific methods such as Psychometric Tests, Aptitude Tests & DMIT(Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test)and offers customized education solution to the Students, Parents, Teachers, Working Professionals, and to Educational Institutions, as well. Prabha Rajan adds "The counseling session should begin at a young age since career counseling is more than just informing someone what job is best for them; it is about the child's overall development. And overall career development is about more than simply academic performance it is about developing interpersonal skills, communication skills, self confidence, self esteem, and leadership traits."The firm uses a holistic approach while conducting sessions and assesses the child's inborn intelligence, skills, hidden talents, strength, weaknesses etc and guides them in ways that bring out the best in them and achieve the intended result.

The firm uses a holistic approach while conducting sessions, and guides them in ways that bring out the best in the students and achieve the intended result

PrabhaRajan lays stress on the input of teachers, students and parents equally and spends at least three hours analyzing the situation and organizing activities based on their hobbies, inborn intelligence, and more to help them choose the best subject, career and hobbies that leads to quality and fulfilling life. She schedules only two sessions each day in order to offer each pupil undivided attention. Further, the firm's services are offered long after the initial counseling session, and she is still in contact with her very first student. Students who have already finished the program are given free access to the services and can rely on Elysian to resolve any queries. Significantly, Prabha is also a psychologist, thus she doesn't just provide Career Counseling. She provides psychological support to pupils to ensure their mental and physical well being which gives Elysian an edge over the others.

To date, Prabhamam has mentored more than 1000 students and routinely conducts workshops and seminars in government schools and non profit organizations. She is involved in a variety of social services and provides solutions to those who are deprived despite being aware of what is available. And, as she progresses to greater heights, she intends to introduce parent workshops to modify their perspective and guide them to nurture their children. Prabhamam is also keenly looking forward to reaching out to more under privileged youngsters and making a difference in their lives.