Career Analysis Profiling: Identifying Core Potential Of Individuals To Map Them To Their Ideal Global Careers

Dr. Sanjaye Savant, Founder & MD

Dr. Sanjaye Savant

Founder & MD

Driven by Advertisements and Brand Promotions focused on selling dreams of a good future, the present Higher Education Scenario in India is highly commercialized. The entire focus seems to be on showcasing a few success stories of Students by tying up with Media as well as Corporate HRs and using it to generate more business. There seems to be little or no effort on developing research depth in a chosen field of expertise and improving the quality of their Education Program to bring them at par with Global Education on content delivery. Based on the generic Aptitude/Personality/Interest Tests which were designed in the US in the late 1950s, the present day career counseling procedures lack innovation and currently, there is no test designed and developed in India with credibility and reliability ratings acceptable to global standards. Unlike other Career Guidance Centers in India which are majorly focused on providing Education Guidance, Career Analysis Profiling CAP ( has been dedicated to providing genuine insights to Individual Students and Parents concerning the potential Careers, many of which they may not be aware of, that would enable their Career Success. Headquartered in Thane, Mumbai and brainchild of Dr. Sanjaye Savant, CAP is disrupting the market of career counseling services presently being offered in India from being Education centric to Career centric

Emerging as India's first and only patented test for Career Mapping with an independently verified Credibility and Reliability of over 86%, CAP not only helps the students differentiate between Education Guidance and Career Guidance but also focuses on Career Clarity first before deciding on the Education Path. "Career Guidance should not be about Education Guidance but more about Individual profiling to identify their Uniqueness and the Careers that would suit them to succeed. We have our research team which works on updating new Careers which would have relevance over the next 10 to 15 years, to ensure that each student gets the benefit of the latest Career developments across the world. To include all sectors from Glaciologists to Molecular Gastronomist or Blockchain Technologist.
Having successfully proven our product, we now plan to create a network of Franchise Partners, Educational Institutes and NGOs to ensure expansion in providing our Pure Career Guidance and Counselling services to the desiring students and parents across India and South Asia," states Dr. Sanjaye Savant, Founder& Managing Director at Captest.

Unbiased Guidance Through Captest(Www.Captest.In)
Most of the career counseling business in India still focus on commercial education guidance in India and Abroad, which only creates more confusion rather than providing genuine clarity. CAPTest was developed to exactly address this, just like GRE and GMAT which give an individual score on selected parameters, CAP Test gives an Individual his scores wrt. the various Global Careers that would suit them. Captest is a singular product developed by Indigenous Research Psychologists and Software Experts using an AI-based algoritm involving the latest IT Tools & Technologies and a unique Cloud Server ensuring the best of Global standards to its Consumers. To prove the point CAP also has over 30000 case studies over the last 8 years of students where they have personally benefitted from the Careers suggested and the Guidance provided by CAPTest. Focused purely on Career Guidance, CAPTest does not associate with any Coaching Bodies and Associations since it believes it is highly unethical to its consumers who approach CAPTest for unbiased Guidance. CAPTest is India's first and only patented Online Career Mapping Test that is focused on individuals rather than on education courses, thus providing pure Career Guidance Services, which involves an unbiased Online Test(which is a rating test to be taken without any preparation)followed by the individuals unique CAP Report and an Online/Offline Counselling session through an expert Career Psychologist. "It helps them create a Plan of action over the next 3/5/years while handholding them throughout their Career journey as and when they need support. While choosing their Education Courses in India and abroad and jobs for Career changes, we have been able to help students aged 15yrs to 60yrs within and outside India ensuring continuous alignment with our Founding Objectives and Business Vision of being a neutral guide for Individual Career rating like CRISIL or CIBIL," avers Dr. Savant.

Poised To Expand Across India And South Asia
Apart from an International Patent from the Govt. of South Africa for its Unique Process and offering CAP was approved as a Partner by the Govt. of Maharashtra to provide Career Counselling to its XthStd students in 2015. CAP has also been working in the Raigad region of Maharashtra, with NGO-SWADES Foundation of Ronnie Screwvala for the last 4yrs to provide Career Guidance and support to over 6000 students each year of 200+ schools and colleges. CAP has also provided its expertise to NGOs like Rotary, Lions Club, Lalbaughcha Raja, Agastya Foundation and many international students from the US, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore, across various age groups to help them create an individual Career Plan for their Career Success. "A good career counselor must focus on guiding the student towards their strengths matching a particular career rather than a popular one which may not suit them along with the reason why that Career doesn't suit them and the changes they would need to do within themselves to succeed in those Careers. There are over 3000 + base careers spread across several Business Sectors and our Research team at CAP works continuously on updating new potential Careers daily to help each student get a realistic picture of their possibilities. With continuous market feedback, we have realized the demand of the market to provide personalized face-to-face Counselling at a local level. We, therefore, are looking to create multiple CAP Career Guidance Centers across all India through JV's and are in talks with various VC's and Education Institutions to partner on this huge potential," concludes Dr. Sanjaye Savant.