Cybernetiv Digital: A Name Renowned for Delivering All-Inclusive Information Security Solutions

Farrhad Acidwalla,  FounderInternet is ubiquitous; it vastly used not only by layman but also by government institutions, military organizations, and financial corporations to collect, store, and process a colossal amount of data. Carrying extreme importance, these data acquires valuable information which is needed to be secured from theft and damage. Shielding from any potential external malware attack; cybersecurity has emerged as a proficient solution for maintaining the safety of hardware, software, and electronic data. With an aim to impart immaculate knowledge in the cybersecurity and analytics domain, Cybernetiv Digital was established by Farrhad Acidwalla in the year 2018.

A Government of India recognized startup Cybernetiv Digital conveys skills on how to scale and safeguard the digital properties of organizations keeping potential threats at bay. The various cybersecurity courses that are offered by Cybernetiv Digital comprise of ‘Foundation of ethical hacking’ and ‘Advanced penetration testing and training’, including specialized courses in ‘Assembly language for shell coders’, ‘Shell coding’ and ‘Foundation of android app security’.“In addition to our consulting and services verticals, we are focused on imparting elite training in the complex cybersecurity industry. We are creating the next wave of India's elite ethical hackers. Our team has been acknowledged for finding vulnerabilities by brands like Asus and Microsoft. Our trainers are considered as some of the best
ethical hackers in the country. Their knowledge is in sync with the latest standards and corporate requirements. This gives our students an obvious advantage”, Farrhad Acidwalla, Founder, Cybernetiv Digital.

Focused on to provide knowledge and training as per the requirements of today’s corporate domain, Cybernetiv Digital fuels the career of learners by offering learning only from real hackers. Along with a 100 percent doubt solving assurance, each batch of students is created ensuring maximum attention being imparted to each student during the training. “Our courses are taught in person at our offices by genuine hackers and security professionals. We assist with placements/paid internships upon completion and provide rewards/recognition from professional hackathons. We lay emphasis on practical aspects of cybersecurity and ethical hacking rather than the book knowledge or automated software with which everyone is already accustomed. Since cybersecurity has many verticals, different sections are taught by different professionals based on their deep experience. Our security professionals who work on realworld projects are the ones who conduct the training program. We have workshops and additional courses; however, they are by invite only”, states Farrhad.

A Government of India recognized startup, Cybernetiv Digital conveys skills on how to scale and safe guard the digital properties of organizations keeping potential threats at bay

The unique marketing techniques implemented by Cybernetiv Digital to express the importance and enormity of cybersecurity are quite extraordinary. Citing the significance of it, Farrhad shares, “We launched a free for all challenge to all the ethical hackers in India. ‘Find our website's login page and win Rs 1,00,000!’ All they have to do is to just find the page. Not even hack it. We saw an unbelievable number of attempts from all over the country. People were trying for days. Some even tried dozens of techniques with lakhs of requests. No one succeeded. Our challenge taught them the importance of a solid training foundation. This speaks a volume about our development and training program.” Training students only for academic and ethical purposes, Cybernetiv Digital is benefiting the new age minds by guiding them to face the severity of cyber and malware attacks. In a small period Cybernetiv Digital rose to a remarkable stature because of its dedicated service towards the cybersecurity domain. Continuing to enrich the next generations with its outstanding educational training on cyber securities, Cybernetiv Digital plans to open additional training centers at other locations in Mumbai.