Cyber Guru: A Premier Institute Promoting Cyber-Legal Education in Eastern and North Eastern India

 Rajarshi Rai Choudhury, Founder & Managing Director

Rajarshi Rai Choudhury

Founder & Managing Director

The improvements and innovations in technology have rapidly changed the way we see ourselves and it has grown into a stage where technology is a part of our lives in one form or another. Cyber crimes and related problems like privacy issues, security concerns etc. are developing apace with the increasing speed and accessibility of technology. At a time when people around the globe are doing online payments, transactions and other sensitive issues with the use of internet, one is to make sure that they are fully aware of the various problems which they may face in the digital realm. With the increasing concerns regarding the issues related to cyber security, CYBER GURU has been providing training regarding various cyber security related issues and how to avoid being exploited in the cyberspace.

Incepted in the year of 2012 CYBER GURU is a unique online institution for education and consultancy when it comes to all things cyber. As the founder of the company, Rajarshi Rai Choudhury has always been a constant advocate when it comes to the increasing concerns and security issues that can happen if one is not careful while dealing with cyber space. “It is a true fact that 95 percent of cyber breaches worldwide are due to human errors or user errors, hence, indepth sensitization and training of internet users has turned to be more important now
than research and development for creating a more secured system. Hence our objective is to make every internet users aware about the issues and aspects of cybercrimes, cyber laws and security measures”, says Rajarshi Rai Choudhury, Founder and Managing Director, CYBER GURU. Talking about the target audience of CYBER GURU Rajarshi adds “Every citizen, who is an internet user, in other words netizens are our prospective trainees and keeping in mind the multifarious socio economic structure, we have designed the course fees to be affordable so that everybody can reach us and make their life and finance secured from the cyber fraudsters.”

CYBER GURU has designed and developed specialized courses and training programs which are segmented into three to cater to the wider audience

To empower individuals with training that will help identify and deal with the hidden potholes of the cyberspace, CYBER GURU has designed and developed specialized courses and training programs which are segmented into three to cater to the wider audience. Those three programs are basic course on cyber security advanced course on cyber security, and basic course on cyber security for students where the learners are also introduced to cyber ethics. The specialty of all these courses is that they not only help identify the various cyber exploitations but also train you on how to get out of these situations.

CYBER GURU has developed all these courses in such a way that all of these courses can be studied online at the location of your preference so that these courses don’t affect your daily routine. The doubts and queries of the learners are sorted and solved with individual doubt clearing sessions with expert trainers such as Rajarshi Rai Choudhury who is a high court advocate and heads various respectable positions in various institutes and organizations.

CYBER GURU has never really thought about their revenue aspect and their most important priority is to equip the people with the essential skills and awareness to avoid the various fraudulent activities happening in the digital space. Growing stronger day by day by following this philosophy, CYBER GURU is working towards formulating innovative plans and methodologies which can enable them to achieve their primary goal of sensitizing common users along with working towards various affiliation and collaboration plans with various government departments for the future.