CyberTech Infosolutions: Equipping the Coming Generation with the Right Set of Cyber Security Skills

Owing to the rapid expansion of internet users and the chances of cyber crimes and exploitations have also evolved. In such scenario, cyber security has become the new buzz word. With the number of internet users only going to grow in the coming years, the added pressure to stop cyber crimes is also increasing. A recent study shows that India stands second to China when it comes to the total number of cyber users. Empowering the netizens regarding cyber security and cyber crimes is one of the most effective ways to tackle this growing concern regarding cyber crimes. Acknowledging the lack of reputed cyber training institutes in the country, CyberTech Infosolutions, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company was incorporated to bring in much needed awareness regarding cyber security and to nurture cyber security aspirants and provide top-notch training to transform them into industry-ready professionals.

CyberTech Infosolutions is the brainchild of Deepak Bagal who started out with a vision to create a brand that will become a synonym for cyber security training in the country. “We started with this idea to offer first rate cyber security training for interested aspirants and through them bring in awareness regarding the increasing cyber crimes in the country. Through the studies that we conducted, we found out that there were only a few credible cyber security training providers existing in the Indian market and even though the need for a qualified professional in the field is at an all time high, the supply was not even meeting half of what is required. That’s how CyberTech Infosolutions was incepted and now we pride our selves to be recognized as an elite cyber security training provider and we are also amongst the very few institutions in the market that is associated with the EC-council”, converse Priyanka Yadav.

As of now, CyberTech Infosolutions offers various certification courses in the cyber security domain including certified ethical hacker ethical hacking, web penetration testing, cyber forensics and diploma in cyber security to name a few. However, the
Priyanka Yadav,Spokesperson
services offered by the institute is not limited to training students and CyberTech Infosolutions also provide professional cyber security services for their corporate clients including information security services conducting various workshops and seminars, and corporate training. By catering to both these segments, CyberTech Infosolutions is aiming to develop industry ready professionals to meet the market requirements as well as to create strong tie-ups with corporate clients to develop into one of the most trusted and recognized names in the industry.

By catering to both these segments, CyberTech Infosolutions is aiming to develop industry ready professionals to meet the market requirements

CyberTech Infosolutions differentiates themselves for the rest with their unique teaching pedagogy and curriculum that is specially designed and developed to be in sync with the industry requirements and all the trainers teaching in the institute are masters holders in IT or cyber security and CyberTech Infosolutions makes sure that their students are offered with the latest state of the art infrastructure. The institute also has inbuilt library and other cutting edge software and hardware resources to bring out the fullest potential of their students. The courses offered by CyberTech Infosolutions start from the very basics of cyber security and goes all the way up to advanced full-on professional courses. “We clearly understand the industry requirement and we have developed our training programs to align perfectly with what the industry is looking for. We are offering the courses at an affordable rate and monetary gains are secondary for us and our primary motive is to offer the best training possible to our students. Right now we are operating in Mumbai and with our rapid growth trajectory, we are planning to expand pan India in the near future so that the students across the country will get the best possible cyber security training.” concludes Priyanka Yadav.