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  • 10 Most Prominent Women Career Counselors - 2024

    Guiding Dreams, Building Futures Women play a crucial and multifaceted role in career counselling, significantly contributing to its effectiveness and inclusivity. Firstly, women often bring unique perspectives and experiences to the field, enriching the counselling process with diverse insights. Their varied backgrounds, ranging from different cultural and socio-economic contexts to personal life experiences, enable them to connect with clients on multiple levels. This ability to relate to a wide range of individuals fosters trust and rapport, essential components of successful counselling relationships. Moreover, women are often perceived as empathetic and nurturing, traits that are highly beneficial in the career counselling context. They possess a natural ability to listen...

10 Most Prominent Women Career Counselors - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Pro Career Counseling Pro Career Counseling Gauri Jain , Founder & CEO A seasoned professional with vast experience in providing career counselling and educational consultancy services
Guncha Arora Guncha Arora Guncha Arora, Career Coach & Soft Skill Trainer A soft skill trainer and corporate career coach, providing assistance with applications, interviews and conducting mock sessions
Idreamcareer Idreamcareer Harshita Srivastava, Career Counsellor With expertise in career counselling, counselling psychology, and child psychology, she also excels in communication, organization skills, time management and research
Ikigaii Education Services Ikigaii Education Services Hima Mal, Founder & Principal Coach Having accumulated more than 25 years of On a mission to help people discover their unique purpose, passion, vocation, and profession, also honed her skills in research, leadership, and education
M3   Mukta Mentoring Minds M3 Mukta Mentoring Minds Dr. Mukta Joshi, Founder A career awareness and counsellor, helping students develop the requisite soft skills and leadership qualities that help them successfully transition from campus to corporate life
Edcosmo Education Edcosmo Education Dr. Neeru Bali, Founder & Director An experienced & qualified career counselor, drives results through a combination of a deep understanding of the individual’s personality, skill-centric insights, and the firm’s experience in the field
DPS International DPS International Sonia Prasad, Career Counsellor With a proven track record of working in the financial services industry, she is skilled in mentoring, customer service, coaching, sampling, and data analysis
Mindler Mindler Sunitha Prabhakaran, Career Coach Having extensive experience in the domain of career counselling, also excels in career development, psychometrics, analytical skills, communication and leadership
Careerguide Careerguide Surabhi Dewra, CEO She possesses almost two decades of working experience in the private and government sector; also specialize in staff management, project management, leadership and career counselling
Edu Vinn Edu Vinn CA Vineeta Singh, Founder A commendable professional, with visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, guiding students towards their dream careers, primarily in the realm of medicine